Three nternational Alliance advertising prices Dotting

dear affiliate member:

thanks to the webmaster support extension of interactive advertising company advertising dotting the price hike! Make more money!

. The advertiser names: head of (

type: CPC


standard: 0.15-0.25/IP


. The advertising effect that period: 30 days

. The settlement period:


three international alliance Merry Christmas, wish happy new year in advance!
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Look at how to make a lot of money through the Spring Festival evening Mignon

Spring Festival this year, may have been influenced by the Spring Festival, a new high ratings, the ratings of over 95%, but the show was not the last high satisfaction survey, now of course is also about the Spring Festival evening raise a Babel of criticism of the topic of the advertising copy forcibly implanted, CCTV with a sketch of Zhao Benshan profit 15 million, of course, the most happy is CCTV and Zhang, also become the biggest winner of the Spring Festival, Spring Festival and so on who the people who make money? Of course, of which there are some speculative sale! 09 years show Xiao Shenyang with "not bad money" became a hit, and the Spring Festival Gala, read more

Gold station PS collection to Wangzhuan can not map for students

PS "I know you very much! But not to PS collection for Wangzhuan students." This is my 3 years ago with a webmaster do Wangzhuan training dialogue. She has corrected, and become a famous graphic designer, but also my good friend. Narrowing the scope here, and my words are "she", then Lenovo has done Wangzhuan training, is the circle should know who it is. After that, she made a public apology, and refund the training fee.

PS collection map is not PS her own collection, but PS students receiving map, and that is a student. At that time, only to do the training of several people inside the same forum, the impact is not large. But the charges are relatively high. At that time, she and we are engaged in electronic auction, the level is very high, at least we recognized this circle. Several students are also those who want to engage in the auction, but do not know how to get started. She quietly for a while, we do not know a few things, because the forum is not big, but there are thousands of members. But she is high, does not mean that the level of teaching students is also high. So, only the PS false. read more

From minus 2600 to plus 2000 Wangzhuan Road

read a lot of friends of the article, but also to write an article today to talk about their experiences and lessons, I hope to give a friend to wake up, but also hope that some of their own experience can help friends.

I was about 6 months ago contact Wangzhuan 2 years ago, Taobao had opened the shop, then the business is not good, closed, figured, earned 200 dollars. Oh, earn less so off.

exact starting Wangzhuan should be 6 months ago, when the Internet is always right, the more I feel boring, just like in the above with some things out, earn a little money, then do not know what reason, met a project, Ziddu make money, and then began to buy traffic to brush brush, a period of time, found that deduct the cost of money, ha ha, to increase their confidence, thus embarked on this path. read more

n the face of the league do not have the right to choose more vulnerable

in recent years, the advertising alliance has become the main way to earn money, because of this, the birth of more and more advertising alliance. Advertising alliance, and can not bring convenience to the webmaster, but to a lot of webmaster added trouble. In the industry’s growing dissatisfaction with the union voice, there will always be a call to grow up the union does not speak good faith, not in accordance with the provisions of the normal settlement Commission, or there is a serious amount of money deducted phenomenon. read more

Sweat and tears intertwined zero budget to create App 500 thousand Downloads

Bazaart (editor’s note: This article is from a social photo editing application) marketing director Gili Golander wrote in the four experience she shared his name Bazaart not authoritative marketing summed up. In her view, the marketing staff is not liar liar, but will tell the story, and understand the practice of summing up the law of the industry. The article also talked about the lack of resources in the start-up companies in the media to find a lot of difficult, Golander also experienced the same thing. She read from some of their own experience of public relations experience to sort out, we might be less impetuous, get some benefit. This article by Nexus Chinese station Zhang Jiawei (@zhangjw4) compiler. read more

Experienced about two months from zero to 3000 of the monthly income of Wangzhuan Road

for a long time did not share the article on the forum, as a result of the past few days joined the working group to complete the task assigned by the devil teacher. Oneself also is a part-time job, so time is more nervous. The second camp is about to begin, the brothers were eager to see the group, or psychological pressure.

write the benefits of the original article is immediate, there are a lot of acquisition stations will give you an automatic collection of the past, and then there are some people active dissemination. Invisible to achieve the effect of personal marketing. Share a little of his own do Wangzhuan these years today’s personal experience. I is not a successful Internet entrepreneur, see hard to avoid become shallow, and the reference for the novice brothers. read more

DJ56 network music CEO Xu Wei readme create original DJ music platform

mentioned the original DJ song, I believe many people will think of DJ56, this is the first to sing the DJ song high streets and back lanes let people see the network DJ song power, and our DJ56 is the DJ digital music products consumption.

DJ56 network has become the largest DJ original music platform, has more than 50 thousand songs of the original music, was excavated from the DJ56 network and DJ56 network platform music music original song contest and to the public, in the field of wireless music created a very high value. read more