New storm to bring severe weather to the Heartland

first_imgABC News(NEW YORK) — The first of two storms has moved through the Rockies and the Heartland bringing up to 5 inches of snow for Chicago’s southern suburbs and 1 to 3 inches at Chicago’s airports. This storm also brought large hail and strong thunderstorms overnight to the Plains and to the South Monday morning. Now this storm will move into the Northeast with heavy rain for the I-95 corridor from Philadelphia to New York City and Boston with heavy snow from northern Pennsylvania to upstate New York and into New England. On Monday morning, eight states from West Virginia to Maine are under a Winter Weather Advisory and Winter Storm Warning.In the Northeast, away from the coast, most areas will see 1 to 4 inches of snow with higher elevations getting 6 to 12 inches, meaning winter is back for some. Along I-95, from Philadelphia to New York City, New Haven, Connecticut and into southern Rhode Island, some areas could see up to 2 inches of rain.Also, a new storm is moving into California with rain for the Los Angeles and San Diego areas with snow in the Southern California mountains. This storm will quickly move across the Rockies during the day bringing several inches of snow there as well. By Monay night into Tuesday morning, a western storm system will form east of the Rockies and bring severe weather to the Plains and parts of the South. The biggest threat with these severe thunderstorms will be large hail, damaging winds and flash flooding. Cities in the path of these storms will be Wichita, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and into Little Rock.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Lessons of the Week! Matthew Morrison, Tituss Burgess & More

first_imgMatthew Morrison, Jane Krakowski, Tituss Burgess, Jennifer Simard, Derek Hough & Rachel Tucker View Comments Happy Friday! Whether your weekend plans involve listening to Tom Berenger or staying in the boudoir, let’s kick things off with the Lessons of the Week. A lot went down on the Great White Way, from a Tony-winning silk act reprise to some more chart-topping Founding Fathers. Take a look below and study up!Matty Fresh Pulled the Wool Over Our EyesWe’re definitely Matthew Morrison/Matty Fresh fan club members. With that said, we will not be able to look at him the same way again after this week’s episode of Younger, in which the Audience Choice Award winner, uh, ravaged a sheep. Morrison’s not the first person who comes to mind when casting a The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia revival, but hey, if the shear fits. Just stay away from Lea Michele the goat.Hamilton’s Getting A-List RevolutionariesLove Hamilton but tired of listening to the cast recording? One, how dare you—that’s impossible. Two, soon, you can listen to some A-list Hamilfans putting their spin on the tunes. Lin-Manuel Miranda recently spilled some details about the upcoming Hamilton Mixtape. Among the stars involved are Queen Latifah and Sia. We are more than ready for Queen Latifah as The Wiz as George Washington. Here comes the General…indeed!Derek Hough’s Singin’ in the Rain (Again)Dancing with the Stars champ Derek Hough is set to headline Singin’ in the Rain on the Great White Way. If you’re experiencing déjà vu, you’re not alone. Last year, Hough sang the title song—water effects and all—in Radio City’s New York Spring Spectacular. That makes Radio City one of the largest casting studios in New York. Harvey Weinstein doesn’t mess around!Rachel Tucker Is Not Ill, MTA PatronsWe all have our dream subway encounters, e.g. a texting-savvy Christine Baranski or an absurdly courteous Helen Mirren. Let’s add a green-eared Rachel Tucker to the list. The current Wicked star said on Show People that strangers occasionally approach her on the train to ask why her ears are green. It’s not a disease, people. It’s just part of the job, along with levitating high and belting even higher.Boq Can Tweet Better Than YouZachary Noah Piser may break your heart (and lose his) as Wicked’s new Boq, but that’s not all: he’s also an award-winning bird caller. He even demonstrated his Irish red-billed chough for us. This marks Piser’s Broadway debut, but we’re sure this talent will launch all sorts of opportunities. Like a musical adaptation of The Birds. Or a revival of Bye Bye Birdie. Or It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman. We’ll stop now.Always Play Elton John Live. Always.You know something’s wrong when a composer walks out in the middle of his own show. Unfortunately, that’s what happened when Adam Pascal was on stage during Aida years ago. The Disaster! star shared how upset Elton John was when he realized portions of the orchestra were pre-recorded. Don’t worry; it was very quickly reconciled and everyone moved on. After all, the past is another land. Right, Sir Elton?Tuck Has Everlasting EmotionsTuck Everlasting has yet to begin previews, and it’s already a giant sob fest (for the cast). At a recent press event, numerous cast and creative team members likened the rehearsal experience to a group therapy session with plenty of emotions and (happy) tears. Is it too late to arrange a sponsorship with Kleenex? Tuck-monogrammed tissues for sale in the lobby seems like a failsafe business venture.Disaster!’s Nun Can Throw a PunchWe all have heroes, and some people’s heroes punch sides of beef. On this week’s episode of Help!, Disaster! favorite Jennifer Simard revealed her (literal) card-carrying status in the Sylvester Stallone fan club. His resilience inspired her to get through a rough two-show day when she was all but K.O.’d on the Nederlander stage. Is it too soon for a Rocky revival? It’s 2016, people; it’s about time we had a female Rocky Balboa.Krakowski’s Still Defying GravityJane Krakowski’s currently taking a trip to the library in She Loves Me, but in her last Broadway venture in 2003, she was making a particularly sexy midair call to Antonio Banderas in Nine. At the Roundabout Theatre Company’s 50th anniversary gala, Krakowski proved she’s still got it. As it turns out, descending on silks is like riding a bike: both are fun to do while hitting a high A sharp.Tituss Burgess Has Gone Full TitusWe all know the best wine to drink while going down a Tituss Burgess YouTube spiral is Pinoooot noir. On top of his comedic timing and belting chops, the Broadway favorite and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Emmy nominee is now a wine peddler. Say “Yassss” to Pinot noir. Wunderbar. Drink before seeing the new Bright Star. Or enjoy with sex party host Debi Mazar. Au revoir! last_img read more

Venezuela Involved In Cocaine Production

first_imgBy Diálogo April 08, 2020 Venezuela is no longer just a transit country for drugs, as Venezuelans are involved in the first phases of cocaine production, Venezuelan experts and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) said.The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), a body of the United Nations (U.N.), said in its 2019 report, published February 27, 2020, that 33 cocaine labs had been detected and dismantled in Venezuelan territory near the Colombian border in 2018. According to the INCB, only six similar facilities were detected in 2016.“In addition to cocaine hydrochloride, the traffickers introduce coca base paste from Colombia to get it processed outside of the country, as verified in drug seizures carried out in international waters and in other countries of the region,” the INCB said in its annual report.Javier Tarazona, head of the Venezuelan NGO Fundaredes, which advocates for human rights and democracy, explains that this increase in the amount of labs found in Venezuela is the result of an “evolution.”“These are not rudimentary or improvised efforts. These are groups that want to compete in the international markets, so that’s why they set up bases in Venezuela,” Tarazona said.He added that “those in charge of illicit crops in Colombia are relocating” to Venezuelan territory, especially to the mountains in the Zulia state towns of Jesús María Semprún, Catatumbo, Guajira, Lossada, and Machiques de Perijá. These locations are where the National Bolivarian Armed Force has reported finding the most drug labs.Mildred Camero, former president of the National Commission Against the Illicit Use of Drugs of Venezuela (the current National Anti-Drug Office), said that the changes are not only related to the use of the national territory to produce drugs, but also to the participation of Venezuelans in different parts of this process, from coca growing to distribution and trade.“There are groups within the Venezuelan youth that are involved in coca crops,” Camero said. “These are boys who get paid $10 for each bag of coca leaves.”Many of them cross the border to work on crops and harvest coca leaves. But according to Camero, this dynamic “will create in Venezuela a population that engages in growing [drugs] in their own country.”“They are school dropouts who might create a generational problem in the long term, with consequences for the democratic stability of the country,” she said.In addition to identifying Venezuela as a country that contributes to cocaine production, the INCB recognized for the first time the existence of the Cartel of the Suns, a narcotrafficking mafia led by Venezuela’s military high command and members of the Nicolás Maduro regime.For Tarazona, the presence of Colombian guerrillas on Venezuelan soil, especially the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, in Spanish), the National Liberation Army (ELN, in Spanish), and the Popular Liberation Army (EPL, in Spanish), and their connections to the Cartel of the Suns explain the country’s evolution from a drug transit into a drug producing country. The presence of Colombian guerrillas and the regime’s support, said Tarazona, are alarming.“The worst is that FARC leaders, such as Iván Márquez and Jesús Santrich, among others, operate from the Miraflores Presidential Palace, and that the leadership in Caracas protects and funds them and treats them like ministers with escorts,” Tarazona told the Spanish newspaper ABC Internacional.last_img read more

PODCAST: Bettering people’s lives

first_imgRay Lancaster ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Ray Lancaster began his career as a credit union volunteer. But looking back it seems inevitable Lancaster would become a credit union CEO one day.Lancaster embodies the credit union spirit. As CEO of $167 million asset Pyramid Federal Credit Union in Tucson, Ariz., he’s always looking for a way to help others.One of his greatest inspirations was the National Credit Union Foundation’s Development Education (DE) Program. It was during the Foundation’s DE training in 2014 that Lancaster realized how many Americans are one misstep away from financial disaster.center_img continue reading »last_img read more

Tell the world that the “a la Croate” later tie was made by Croats

first_imgTHE ROOT OF THE WORD – it was worn “a la Croate” translated into Croatian The young French King Louis XIV. he began wearing a tie in 1646 when he was only seven years old and thus in some way set the fashion standard of all French nobles. They soon adopted this new garment to be worn a la Croate (‘in the Croatian way’), which also became the new root of the French word cravate. And so somehow the story about the tie began. Ties shown to the world by Croats. Every man in the world will put a tie on himself at least once, and whenever someone receives a pen in his hands, he must remember Croatia. Pens and ties must be our main symbols, at least when we talk about congress tourism, as well as the branding of Croatia. This weekend is World Tie Day (October 18), and I can’t help but get the impression that, despite all the power of this “symbol”, we still haven’t used the fact that the tie is a Croatian product enough. / / / THE BOOK “WHAT ARE CROATS LIKE” IS A MANDATORY READING FOR ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE TOURIST EMPLOYEES Be proud every time you put on a tie, be ambassadors of our tourism and tell the story of how a tie is a Croatian product. Back in 2013, after two years of preparations, Academia Cravatica made one of the most beautiful postcards from Croatia, when they set up a large tie installation around the Arena, the world’s best-preserved Roman amphitheater, which symbolically connected past and future, antiquity and modern civilization. The tie was long 808 meters, and the maximum width of the lower part of the tie is 25 meters. The knot of the tie itself is 15 meters long, 16,5 meters wide in its greatest width, and 5,4 meters wide in its narrowest part, and more than a billion people according to the interpretation of Academia Cravatica was introduced to our story of the tie. How to stand out in a sea full of fish? How do the “small” survive among the big ones? We have something to be proud of, praise and stand out. We have true and credible stories with which we can and must be different. We have The “holy grail” in the world of marketing and branding, not one but hundreds of them.  Shift of the Guard, Association of Historical Troops with a Tie led by the Cravat Regiment / Academia Cravatica Could it be better than branding and associating with one such symbol? Tie = Croatia – the homeland of the tie. But let’s start from the beginning of the story that began as a scarf around the necks of Croatian soldiers, and today is the most widespread fashion detail in the world. God save us from plague, famine, war and Croats Without going deeper into history, but in the 17th century, thanks to many battles won, even against the Swedes, who until then were considered the best warriors in Europe at the time, the Croats became synonymous with light cavalry. Why is this very important, precisely because as warriors at the time who were not ordinary mercenaries or bandits, as evidenced by their neat and carefully adorned uniforms, it was the Croats who stood out with a previously unknown fashion detail in Europe – with a red scarf around his neck tied in a knot. One of the oldest stereotypes about Croats in Europe is that of Croatian belligerence, courage and cruelty. As Božo Skoko writes in his book “What are Croats like? in the 17th century, German and Swedish mothers allegedly threatened their mischievous children “ If you are not good, the Croats will come and take you away”, And that is exactly how the prayer was created centuries later” God save us from plague, famine, war and Croats “. Zrinski defended Europe by stopping the Turks under Siget of Hungary, and even Napoleon himself said of the Croats that he had never had braver and better soldiers. ” If he had only one hundred thousand Croats, he would conquer the whole world”. Croatian inventors are responsible for great discoveries, discoveries that the world must know are from Croatia, especially if we talk in the context of Croatia as a tourist destination and branding the country. Why doesn’t the world know about the connection between Croatia and Tesla, Penkala, Faust Vrančić and others, our innovators who indebted us.  PEN AND TIE – MAIN SYMBOLS What is the image and perception of Croatia in Europe? Are we recognized with something other than the sun and the sea, famous athletes and Dubrovnik? Is that all we can offer and show? CROATIAN GIANTS – TESLA, PENKALA, FAUST VRANČIĆ DO YOU KNOW HOW PETER MIŠKOVIĆ INVENTOR steam bath, AS Tomislav Uzelac invented the first MP3 PLAYER AND THE M-PARKING, AS IVAN VUČETIĆ FATHER dactyloscopy – METHOD Fingerprinting, A MARIN SOLJAČIĆ is the first carried out experiments WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY, WHILE JOSIP BELUŠIĆ INVENTED THE SPEEDOMETER. THE LIST IS MUCH MUCH LONGER. The tie is a symbol of men and the business world. And the fact that every man in the world will put a tie on himself at least once in his life speaks volumes about the strength of the tie as a brand.  ADOBRAN, TORPEDO, TIE, ZEPELIN, ROCKET ENGINE, MARINE COMPASS… Tomorrow is (August 18) World Tie Day. Happy World Tie Day to you. What will make us stand out in the crowd?  However, we can freely expand this story to the question: Why is a pen not our Croatian souvenir? The pen is used by people from all over the world every day, imagine that we have branded it well and whenever someone receives a pen, remember Croatia. Well that’s marketing and branding! Fortunately, awareness of the origin of the tie is proudly promoted by the institution Academia Cravatica, which is also the organizer of the only and first European festival dedicated to the phenomenon of necktie today. Photo: Academia Cravatica Photo: / Lana’s DuckAss Why doesn’t the world know that Croats are deserving for parachute, torpedo, tie, Dalmatians, airship, rocket engine, ship’s compass… Where are the theme museums, amusement parks… for each of our prominent innovators visited by thousands of tourists? Where are the themed evenings celebrating the achievements of our innovators? This is how the tourist season is extended! Tie, lazo, slips, Krawatte, ネ ク タ イ, 领带, cravate or in Croatian tie is a garment that everyone knows and knows. World brand, right? Cover photo: Academia Cravaticalast_img read more

Duterte to side with US if Filipinos are harmed in ‘volatile’ Middle East

first_imgPresident Rodrigo Duterte (center) greets security officials at the Malacañang Palace on Monday. Duterte has ordered the military to prepare to deploy its aircraft and ships “at any moment’s notice” to evacuate thousands of Filipino workers in Iraq and Iran should hostilities erupt there. PCOO There are some 1,600 and 6,000 Filipinosin Iran and Iraq, respectively, and at least 4 million migrant workers in theMiddle East, according to Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III. “Hinditayo magiging neutral. The President was very specific in saying that ifFilipinos are harmed, he will side with the Americans,” Panelo said Tuesday,adding the country is bracing to evacuate its workers in Iraq and Iran shouldviolence break out, which was brought about by the death of Iran top generalQasem Soleimani due to US airstrike. “Kungpapatayin ang Filipinos, gusto mongsabihin, hindi na tayo iimik? Eh angkalaban nila Amerikano. Kaya nila gagawin ‘yun, dahil kakampi tayo ng Amerikano,”Panelo said. The President ordered the military toprepare to deploy its aircraft and ships “at any moment’s notice” to evacuatethousands of Filipino workers in Iraq and Iran should violence break out. center_img On Monday, Duterte called an emergencymeeting at Malacañang with Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, newly installedArmed Forces of the Philippines chief Lietenant General Felimon Santos Jr. andPhilippine National Police officer-in-charge Lieutenant General Archie Gamboato discuss contingency plans. MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte willside with the United States in the event Filipinos based in the Middle East areharmed amid the heightened tension between the US andIran, his spokesman Salvador Panelo said. The Middle East is the Philippines’largest destination for land-based workers with deployment at more than 1million annually, according to latest government data. The region also is thesecond-largest source of cash remittances from overseas Filipinos, based oncentral bank data./PNlast_img read more

Mourinho: Chelsea will learn

first_img Press Association It was the self-proclaimed Special One’s first loss of his second spell as Blues boss and it was by the narrowest of margins. The contest finished 2-2 at the end of extra-time, which Chelsea played with 10 men following Ramires’ dismissal, as Javi Martinez netted with the last kick of the match. Then, after nine successful penalties, Romelu Lukaku saw his effort saved by Manuel Neuer, handing Bayern victory. A more measured Mourinho opinion was that his team, which beat Bayern to lift the 2012 European Cup, showed their outstanding potential. “All of us we will go (home) disappointed, but at the same time we go with the notion that we will have a better team,” Mourinho told Chelsea TV. “To play against the champions of Europe the way we did, with 11 (men), with 10, and we deserved to win. The boys deserved to win. They did everything. “We got the feeling of the team we are building, the character we are building, the personality we are building. “Everybody gave everything. Everybody was fantastic. Everybody gave heart, everybody gave soul. An enthralling encounter was overshadowed somewhat as Mourinho berated officials, hinted his belief that there is a conspiracy against him and said the best team lost. Pep Guardiola appears to have that effect on Mourinho, who has three wins from 16 games against his Spanish nemesis following the 5-4 penalty shootout defeat to European champions Bayern on Friday night. “I’m very happy with the boys, but, of course, disappointed for them.” Twice Bayern recovered from being behind after Chelsea went ahead through fine strikes from Fernando Torres and Eden Hazard, who both performed strongly. Petr Cech made a series of outstanding saves, Ashley Cole kept former Blue Arjen Robben quiet, the 35-year-old Frank Lampard was influential in midfield. The men around him performed well under wave after wave of German attacks, led by newly crowned European player of the year Franck Ribery, who scored Bayern’s first equaliser. Chelsea defender Gary Cahill said: “The way they got forward was frightening at times with the overlapping runners, Robben and Ribery on the wings. “At times it felt like the Champions League final (in 2012). I thought we defended well as a team, the spirit was there and we were just seconds away from winning. “We did well but football is cruel at times. We dug in hard, especially in extra-time. I thought we did enough.” Jose Mourinho believes his Chelsea side will benefit from the experience of their European Super Cup heartache against Bayern Munich.last_img read more

Mackay ready for derby fixture

first_img “It’s not just another game and I would be lying if I said that,” he said. “It’s only three points and it’s another Premier League team coming to the stadium, but there is a lot of importance attached to the game as it’s the first time we have played each other at the top level in the Barclays Premier League. “It’s very special for everyone in south Wales, and ourselves and Swansea so it has absolutely got a little extra bite to it and that’s something that helps people. “I know the passion of our fans and what the atmosphere in our stadium is like but I don’t think it is going to touch the sides of what we will feel Sunday, it will be an incredible atmosphere when the players walk out. “I think it is something all our fans have looked forward to since we were promoted and it does hold that extra special edge.” The Bluebirds enter the game on the back of a tumultuous few weeks which have seen Mackay’s head of recruitment, Iain Moody, dismissed and replaced on an acting basis by 23-year-old Kazakh Alisher Apsalyamov. Apsalyamov has no known experience in top-level football and Press Association Sport understands he is not currently operating for the Bluebirds in an official capacity, but retains the position while the Home Office investigates his work permit situation. Mackay does not believe the issue will have an effect on Sunday’s game, but when asked if the Apsalyamov situation surprised him, he said: ”Nothing surprises me, it’s just something the chief executive can get on with and deal with. Nothing surprises me, my focus is on my team.” Cardiff manager Malky Mackay knows there is no way Sunday’s south Wales derby can be considered just another game. He added: ”We have waited 51 years to get to this position and be in the Premier League. I won’t let anything else get in the way of that. ”There is a lot of stuff going on around about it, but my job is to manage the team, be proud of my players and prepare them in the best way possible, so myself and the staff and players are focused on the routine of the week. ”If you don’t have that and take your eye off it and start thinking about other matters, that’s when you get punished and I won’t let anything else get in the way of my determination to do the best for the club on the pitch.” But Mackay refused to comment on a report that striker Etien Velikonja, who joined from Maribor last summer, was signed by owner Vincent Tan without the approval of the Scottish manager. Velikonja is not part of the Bluebirds’ 25-man Premier League squad. Mackay said: ”I am not going to talk about individual players and the recruitment of individual players. ”I am here and will answer anything you want concerning Sunday, it’s too big a day for me and our football club and players in terms of everything that goes with it for me to start the background noise. ”There is enough of that already with everyone else and I have a steely determination concerning my group of players and it is absolutely wrong of me to go in and start talking about individuals and their own circumstances.” The Bluebirds face off with their fierce rivals Swansea at Cardiff City Stadium, in a game which has been eagerly-awaited by both sets of fans and will have the eyes of a huge global audience fixed on it. The Scot admits there is no point in trying to downplay the significance of the fixture, and it is one he is looking forward to. Press Associationlast_img read more

Bazdarevic to publish the List of Players against Israel

first_imgMehmed Bazdarevic, the coach of the Football National Team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will publish a list of candidates for the upcoming match against Israel on Friday.The list will be published at the official press conference of the Football Alliance of B&H, and the backbone of the list for the match against Israel, will be made of the well-known footballers.Apparently, there will be no debutants, given that Mario Vrancic injured in the last league match against Stuttgart, while Ermin Zec is coming back to the national team after four years.Gathering of the BH Team is scheduled for 3rd June in Sarajevo, and our players will move to the Training camp in Zenica on the eighth day and train there until one of the most important games in qualifications for the European Championship.(Source: read more

Purse hit for a six: How Coronavirus could affect IPL players’ salaries!

first_imgAdvertisement bgu4owqNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs3f6g0vWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E96v40( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) fiWould you ever consider trying this?😱698x7Can your students do this? 🌚55cRoller skating! Powered by Firework With the tournament postponed, players taking part in this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) will probably be denied of their due salaries, according to multiple reports. A senior member of the Indian Cricketers’ Association on Tuesday stated that the economic implications of a season without IPL could be huge for a number of competing players – specifically the debutants.Advertisement  Advertisement “The system of IPL payments is that 15 per cent is paid a week before the tournament starts. 65 per cent more is paid during the tournament. The remaining 20 percent is paid within a stipulated time after the tournament ends,” an IPL franchise official said.“The BCCI has specific guidelines. Obviously, no player will be paid as of now.”Advertisement While another franchise official clarified that the players won’t be reimbursed through insurance, as the pandemic (read COVID-19) isn’t within the clause.“We will not get any money from insurance company as pandemic is not covered in the clause. Each franchise has salary overheads ranging between Rs 75 to 85 crore. How can we pay if there’s no action?”  he questioned.“From English Premier League, La Liga to Bundesliga, players are taking pay cuts. Also there is no certainty anywhere as to when things will get normal!”“It’s not just the Dhonis and the Kohlis who will be affected. Surely they would feel the pinch but for many first-timers, the Rs 20, 40 or 60 lakh is serious life-changing money after all the hard work. Hope the BCCI has a plan in place,” he said.However, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal, said that as of now, there hasn’t been any discussion about pay cuts.“There has been no discussion at all on pay cuts. IPL obviously is BCCI’s biggest tournament. But at this point, it is very difficult to do calculations and estimate losses. The calculations are complex and till office-bearers get together, we can’t say anything,” Dhumal asserted.Currently the BCCI are planning about an alternate window for their prestigious event with chances of a short versioned IPL in May might be on the cards.Earlier in March, board president Sourav Ganguly had declared that the 13th edition of the IPL was rescheduled from its actual date of March 29th to April 15. But the rapid outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic forced PM Narendra Modi to announce a nationwide 21-day lockdown until the 14th of April. You may also like:Read why latest government sanctions over Coronavirus could spell doom for IPL 2020! BCCI makes mind boggling Rs 51 crore donation to PM Cares fund to fight Covid-19 Advertisementlast_img read more