Love Shanghai website 301 redirect pro test

because of the space problem, the website A for about 45 days can not access the site, leaving a home value to strong snapshot in August 24th. Web site keywords is not popular, so the ranking is still. After in October 10th the 301 jump to the B station, B station behind gradually found that the website weight significantly, many do not have words, difficult words are themselves up. And now search for some A station B station is not completely unique, keywords, B station has these rankings, and A station ranking is better than before. Here we can see that the A station 301 redirection, its weight is superimposed to B station. read more

love Taobao keyword was the strongest mule off harmony

at present, "Taobao mall" and "taobao贵族宝贝 shopping" and other words have not been harmonious, but then what happens? Key words "taobao贵族宝贝 ladies" such a little on the side next will also change? Who can not be expected to, from common sense, these users search keywords it is in order to taobao贵族宝贝, from the user experience, love Shanghai’s home page should appear is Taobao page, not only because before the big two, only these cracks, what will happen next, we will see read more

On the shlf1314 AdSense Online standard termsBe vigilant! Online transactions fraud more

in February 9th this year, according to Zheng uncle saw in the newspapers loan advertisements to a man surnamed Wang, for a loan of 400 thousand yuan, the first man to deposit $100 thousand in a bank card, and the opening of online banking. 12, 3 pm, Zheng An the request of the other party to a bank, opened an online bank, and deposit 100 thousand yuan, 15 minutes after the check of the money on the card, that card is only 15 yuan, after the bank inquiry found that the money has been remitted electronic. read more

You can not know the Shanghai dragon ten essential weapon

4, lynx online version of

3, the webmaster helper chain query

is really good!

tool chain inspection!

website, aleax, PR, anti chain of these data is the webmaster every day to see the data, the webmaster tools in the update, the webmaster is really a good choice for

5, Xenu chain inspection tool

1, the

2, love love Shanghai station weight value

understand the strength of competitors, the observation site has been down the right to love Shanghai, as a reference for the exchange Links, undoubtedly love love Shanghai stand out of the weight value query, by many webmaster sought read more

Note making enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng project plan



this includes issues of "what" and "why" do you want to repair it, and how you can repair it roughly means. But imagine you are a web developer, read the report, you will not feel that it is going to spend a few days on all the links I click on the site to find 404 error?

specific optimization methods.

four. The estimated cost of

1 repair in Appendix A chain or intern

rewritingThe redo

with the development of Shanghai dragon, more and more enterprises begin to pay great attention to the problem of Shanghai Longfeng own website, although as a solution project for Shanghai dragon people give simple is easy, but the solution itself does not solve the problem. If you can in the customers and managers expected cost and income range, put forward a specific plan for clarity, they are more willing to put your plan into practice. read more

n the analysis of chain and spider crawling the residence time to interpret the role in the chain

in this experiment, I for the chain in the anchor text view also has some changes, articles within the anchor text to play the weights and the recommended index be above this station link effect is the "*10000" effect of single page links when the effect of station anchor text location and the effect is not the same for example, take a page in the anchor text, the main navigation, and appear in the text of the anchor text, appear in the footer (navigation) anchor text should be in effect because the degree of important place, which in turn reduced correlation. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform new website protection tool to defend the main site of brand equity

site can report other posing as the official website of the website, love Shanghai after verification will make the processing of pseudo official website, website user search to find the right to meet the demand, simplify the query cost ensure veracity, the official website of the Shanghai search for love.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will open the official website for the whole network protection tools in the near future, please the majority of the site to verify the Webmaster Platform site to ensure the normal use. read more

Website optimization excessive punishment right down performance

website snapshot suddenly stopped or is not updated for a long time this time, believe that many webmaster friends website have had, it is a symptom of website drop right. If the site has this kind of situation, on site maintenance, site optimization is to see whether what is wrong with a snapshot of the site in 24 hours is relatively normal.

2, not updated snapshot.

this is many webmaster have experienced, met one day love Shanghai big update, the web site of the chain suddenly dropped thousands or even tens of thousands of. This is generally the site outside the chain of quality problems, if a few hundred is possible because the information search engine on the Internet were integrated, deleted some duplicate information, but is no ground for blame, the chain to sign following the original chain number 50% is that the site is down right now, the webmaster should pay attention to. read more

How to share the three month traffic over ten

the above list for flow over ten is far more likely to have friends, I feel is a title of the party. The first report provides a Zhang Guoqing holiday 7 days. On October 1st, the website of 43736IP, to October 7th, IP reached more than 110 thousand. Dumbfounded? Now to explain is how to achieve.

Three months of statistical chart with the title

above is the statistical report from July 23, 2011 to August 6th. The graph is not difficult to find, the website IP showed an overall trend line, and the increase is very large. read more

The new owners talk how to make love Shanghai back to you

love Shanghai included normal, I summed up the following points:

third day in Shanghai included into the 59 page, see this change of heart is cold, I think this soon. Good is included in the same love Shanghai, does not decrease nor increase. This makes me relieved. I checked on the net, if the site for space or server, love of Shanghai will have the test period, after this period may be slowly recognized for your website. These days I did not idle ha, constantly update the content, make good quality Links, to weight high website, micro-blog Bo tube or space the original articles with a link to the site, the site plan did not stop. Until August 10 included love Shanghai has changed, ha ha is very exciting, from the time of 59 to more than 100, today is 598, Google search, etc. included also increased. read more