Mobile telecommunications Unicom involved in the registration of domain name investors calmly

Reporters learned from the official website of CNNIC, China Mobile has become a CN domain name registration service provider in February 20th, while China Unicom, telecom, the two companies have recently joined the camp in the name of its subsidiaries. Xiao Bian learned domestic CNNIC certification by the CN domain name registration service has reached 55, including Alibaba, Baidu, Sina and other Internet giants, such as mobile, Unicom, telecom operators such was added for the first time.

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Creativity is the core competitiveness of e commerce

business, whether online or offline, marketing is to compete for people's attention, affecting people's brains. Through activities, arouse people's attention and attention. The most common life is the department store doorway often drums hold all kinds of activities to attract attention. By their activities with you go, you approached the consultation, unknowingly paid to buy. Creativity attracts more people's attention. Otherwise, even if your product is good, your copy is strong, the produ

Abstract click on the mall Perth et has returned to delivery welcome the majority of owners to acti

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Hisap 15 Computer Festival opening play options for 10 days

in the past hisap 15 anniversary big promotion, hisap a road sales promotion, sales across the board, in order to repay the majority of consumers of hisap trust and support, hisap fifteenth computer festival will be officially launched on Friday, in the national synchronized launched a 10 Day Carnival play computer purchase. The 15 years, hisap start, for consumers to create a out of the ordinary computer feast.

new incoming new activities

According to

reports, hisap plans in November 27th December 6th, launched a 10 day "special 2015 National Computer Festival" promotional activities in the country. At present, Hongtusanbao stores nationwide have been ready in the products, gifts, activities and other aspects, computer festival will be officially opened in November 27th. During the event, hisap to join ASUS, Lenovo and other domestic well-known brands, bring new special computer for consumers in the winter of 2015, the audience 7 fold, computer minimum 1999 yuan, spending 3000 yuan to send more packages and accessories car purifier more value value activities. read more

Huajing network how do not marketing new micro business era

is a popular mobile Internet, the next wave of trend is undoubtedly the mobile PC business. However, who will carry the electricity supplier of mobile media WeChat, micro-blog or mobile browser…… Is considered to be the derivative of pyramid selling, sell fake, fake mask, pushed up in the teeth of the storm. Micro business, but also whether it can get out of the woods, out of the big bubble, not into MLM it?


first look at micro-blog, it also across PC and mobile terminal, so it can be regarded as a platform for mobile providers, there are large ones at the top selling fruit, liquor, sell chili oil, there are many large fans as the basis, even if unable to quantify the conversion rate, or eventually sell the goods, in fact earlier, a domestic mobile phone business to micro-blog by fans, and successfully, then it is asserted that social media for sell models. read more

The seller and the electronic commerce network of water army of love and hate

The day of the birth of

e-commerce, he will be doomed and the network Navy pull countless perplexing relationships, including love and hate is not necessarily outside people can understand.

e-commerce sellers two or three things

the first to talk about characteristics of electronic commerce, the most is not the lack of popularity and sales, is the former, the latter, complementary and reciprocal causation. A few big platform in the field of e-commerce, such as Jingdong, Amazon, Taobao, a seller once settled in the platform, it is not easy to harvest, and especially in the electronic commerce competition has been very fierce era. The seller can choose the way, there are only three, one is to pay the platform, and then through the train platform for promotion, such as the Taobao train, but the cost is high, but not for a long time; the second is for publicity in various forums, blog, micro-blog, purchase guide websites, such as the birth of Taobao passenger car industry is therefore; third is their own shop popularity and sales, this type of marketing is the most direct and effective, according to a survey of 90% users when shopping will choose the high popularity and sales of products. The survival status of the e-commerce platform sellers was severe, can do two kinds of marketing will directly determine sellers shop of vital importance. read more

Double eleven Carnival electricity supplier behind the wind control and security can not be ignored

[TechWeb] November 8th news, when the bus station, subway, elevator again hung with red billboards, meaning a new round of double eleven war has sounded the clarion call. However, under the increasing turnover and the national Carnival surface, business risk control and security situation is increasingly raging like a storm.

double eleven Carnival electricity supplier behind the wind control and security can not be ignored

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Taobao new regulations to prohibit the sale of sperm placenta and offenders subtract 48 points

news release December 24th, banned goods management specification change notice Taobao before the new rules ban on human genetic resource materials, provision of eggs and sperm, embryos can not be sold, offenders will be deducted 48 points. Specification requirements, specific circumstances change after the data of human genetic resources — Specification there are three main categories, including but not limited to: first, sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos; two, the human genome, genes, tissues and cells, such as human placenta; three, human placenta made food. Illegal businesses will be deducted twelve or forty-eight points, the content will come into effect in December 29, 2015. read more

Western nternet Summit cum XtoX universal conference successfully held

in 2009, when the global economy is in crisis, survival pressure is more and more traditional enterprises, have to have a lower cost again tightening, while the Internet seems to be a pure land, has the advantage of richly endowed by nature of the financial crisis in 1997, let the Internet have a qualitative leap, 2009, how to grasp the crisis the opportunity to realize the development of the Internet business, the Internet to promote industrial upgrading, make the Internet technology to save the world economy. Today by the Chengdu changehope network technology limited company to undertake the Western Internet Summit and the XtoX conference will be held successfully master station, we made a lot of valuable each one airs his own views and suggestions, most people’s eyes is easy, to bring us a XTOX master station system, the subversion of the traditional construction model of saving time and money cost, let the enterprise through a one-stop intelligent website, open a new channel of enterprise marketing, allow enterprises to make money online more easily. read more

Amoy pink bar in Hangzhou college marketing competition fiery

is a year autumn came, in 2014 in Hangzhou University marketing competition kicked off.

sponsored by the Hangzhou Leixun Network Technology Co., Ltd. and China Jiliang University, China Jiliang University Marketing Association hosted the "Amoy powder" in Hangzhou University marketing competition began 27 days of on-site registration. Only three days, already has a huge team of 225.

the howling winds can not suppress students participating enthusiasm, the crowd could not stop the pace of enrollment of students. Just after class, students such as tide coming from the teaching area to the living area, they live through the guidance of the staff to "wash powder" cup market competition, the general content, staff to explain the understanding of the game contact friends, free, orderly registration; some students temporarily did not find enough team personnel get the staff will arrange their team’s commitment to peace of mind after registration. Finally, as of November 3rd, there are 225 teams, the team hit a record high, I believe this game will be more exciting! read more