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soft do not have to say, I believe we all understand. The highest state is soft to see this is an advertisement of the article, subtlety is that after the people looked to you to promote the products very interested, but there should be such a state is not very easy, I blog in many forums, QQ group and other places to see the most soft very little. Are naked advertising, is the direct product information products, said how well, finally is his contact. Such naked advertising information may be useful a few years ago, but over time, people have "resistance", such as hard advertising will only be another customer resentment.

maybe you will say that their writing level is not good, can’t write soft. In fact, not difficult to write, it is not able to search related soft text adapted it, my writing ability is not very good, so I am the adaptation of others, also known as the original. I personally think that the effect of the soft Wen forum is the best, of course, this is just a personal understanding, to talk about some of my soft Wen skills.

1, the title of the article, the title is a piece of soft door, if your door is not good, the others are not, even if your content is good, it is not used, so the title must attract, through observation, the offbeat, shocking, emotion in this area click on the title of people is the most, of course there are many, to be found, I love is starting from the emotion categories such as: husband, I will support you, is like this, we play imagination; there is also according to the time of the feeble popular time, like the time last year, 360 and QQ, this is not to say that, in this three hundred words omitted.

2, the soft content, this depends on your ability to write, if the original that is best, not just for the original, my writing ability is not very good, I was in some kind of emotional online articles, to modify, add from their product information on ok.

3, soft inside contact, now I think the best way is to contact the site, now the enterprise basically will have their own website, do not leave the phone directly, such as the QQ, so that you feel this article will be not good, but also very clever to leave the site the best is to stay, the site name, or in the search engine keywords can be in the first row, so the effect is the best, but now do SEO want to stay outside the chain, people think that it is better to have links in front of it, the effect is the same.

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above is what I do soft Wen promotion skills, we have what better way to comment,

finally, I wish you all a happy New Year!

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