Products that are advertising the new generation of marketing thinking and marketing are ignored

was 5 years old, my father gave me a toy Mauser pistol.

every day I end this pistol at the bird on the tree dadada, towards the distant adults dadada, toward bullying children dadada, bored.

then the barrel is a neighbor of the brother broke my heart hutianqiangde.

everyone is born is a faithful believer of fetishism. Items are fascinating, they can touch, can have, can show off – this is why men love mechanical and electronic products, women love boutique and luxury.

in the long history of human evolution, abstract thinking is very backward, and our brains are designed to be better at dealing with things.

but for a long time, our marketing staff turned a blind eye to this human nature.

we see that the majority of brand marketing, still follow the 80s mode of thinking.


Marketing thinking

80s: the development of conventional products, the use of mass marketing tool, a layer of outwards, the farther away from the center, they cost more expensive. Farther away from the center, the weaker the effect of brand interaction.

P & G is a typical.

This is not the way Nothing is right.

. Useful, but very expensive, and the farther away from the product, the worse effect.

"I know I’ve wasted half my advertising money, but unfortunately, I don’t know which half is wasted."

whether you use positioning theory, USP theory or ESP theory, can not get rid of the curse.

if we change a way of thinking, focusing on the marketing of the product (goods), what will happen?


new generation of marketing thinking: the development of innovative products, the use of the product itself for marketing. The best brand experience is from product development. Very low media input, can produce a great effect.

consumer products (items) of interest rather than advertising, if the product (goods) enough innovation, it is the marketing effect all-powerful.

The direct use of

products to the product (service) as the innovation of creative advertising, save intermediate links. In the era of digital communication, easily in social media Xinghuoliaoyuan, free media (earned media) without a large number of reports, as in the past, in paid media (paid media) bombing party results.

the following example, free direct access to the world’s major media headlines – the Google Deepmind project a dog.


A dog is actually Google

Project >

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