The proposal to do new sites

a lot of people are complaining that Baidu does not include their own stations, this is completely unnecessary. There are more easy to.Com domain name included, in fact, Baidu will be included in your, but you may not be correct method. Below I share with you how I do.Cn station is included.

I 2/28 specially registered a domain name want to test whether Baidu really put the new sites to abandon.

1 preparation. Some of the layout of the site after a good coordination, I went directly to the rape of the 2 blogs (both ends of the world) – this is my principle, each built a new station, with 2 blogs to increase external links. The beginning of the 5 day I manually added 20-30 articles. Then put some articles to 2 blogs, of course, the note below the name from And in Baidu know question and answer a few questions… (not win Baidu to rape his daughter).

2 link. I checked, at that time, Google, Yahoo are included in my, baidu is not included. At this time, I want to remind you that, do not worry, as long as you do not cheat, Baidu will be included in your. There are many links to other stations, of course, the best of the same type. Figure Wang eldest brother also said: if you find 1000 people do not have a link with 100 people with you, he will give you a few links. So we should try our best to do it. QQ group is best to find some special engage in the link group, there are always a lot of opportunities.

3 acquisition. Bold Collection – as long as you have the skills, because if each article to reprint their own title to change what we can do a lot of things a day. I would like to introduce my skills to collect other people’s articles. Like I do is to introduce the story, I will go to the Yahoo search". Find some not included in the Baidu station as a victim. Do not collect the whole station in the collection of articles to be collected, such as a column of his website has 10 pages, the general collection of his 3-4 page on the line, and more collection of some stations. This is not easy to be found by Baidu.

4 waiting to be included. Now the general new sites are required to be collected for nearly 1 months, sometimes need to be 2 months. So we have to wait patiently! Do not go to Baidu to submit your station. There are some tips when you add some Baidu website links, a Baidu search bar what, earlier I suggest not to put too much advertising, especially Google, anyway, traffic is not large, but also can earn a few cents a day.

5 site name. I think the site is also very important, a lot of people do not give the site

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