B2C website promotion killer application

      first, commodity joint promotion

      approach: with other categories of B2C site (the same target users, but the products are different), engage in joint marketing can play a different effect. As far as possible to find complementary nature of the shop. For example, the monopoly of photography books and digital camera stores, digital B2C and home consumer websites, etc.. The other side of the page to hang on the recommendation of goods; you can also launch packages.

      such as one of the following activities:

      in the station to buy any one cell phone plus 15 yuan to get [* * * shopping network] to provide the value of $180 PHILPS shaver!!!

      in addition, the joint promotion can be unidirectional, that is to say you can find a website, let it push the sale of your goods, and you don’t have to be on their goods. At the same time, if it is one-way, then you want to find a partner to jointly launch the goods must be the price of their own goods than your high.

      note: the purpose of joint promotion is to sell goods, spread word of mouth and attract attention (non traffic). Just to achieve one of the projects can be.

      two, premium activity

      approach: gifts activities and commodity promotion is somewhat similar, but can cooperate more widely, but not with the B2C class website, also can with the WEB2.0 class, class, class information forum and website cooperation, in simple terms. Simple point is that we provide a gift to a website, a website can be given a gift to the user through a certain rules of the game.

      attention point:

      the 1 is the main way of broadcasting brand, attract user registration, gather popularity. The three goal is best to achieve, so when working with the third party website, pay attention to.

      small gifts and 2 offers, to be beautiful, have the site’s logo.


payment vouchers

      practice: in fact this form, also known as "money". Money is to have skills, and some of the forums, community cooperation, the number of posts, and how much to my station vouchers and so on, at the same time, must let the third party website form rules to remind the user collar vouchers. May week or >

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