ndustry local development of new ideas

now who jump out again, do Chinese portal, beyond Sina, 163, then I have to admire, the Internet can also be a 10 expert. In China, doing a lot of Internet Success, but also a lot of people to follow suit. There are a few people do the tricks, and more is a failure.

no matter what we do, we are talking about innovation. Then we these grassroots, how to position yourself, will be the site of innovation? Here I simply talk about my idea: human being has his value, everyone has their own strengths and to an industry familiar with. So we choose the industry we are familiar with in the region to promote. This is what I want to talk about today’s network development of new ideas:

industry + local.

case 1:

certain education network www.******.com[domain name for the * * * is to prevent everyone suspected of promoting the site]. Certain education network positioning:

based on local, local services, expand local, Yang my local, science and education, education. The founder of the site is a native of Sichuan, but also an educated person. He knows exactly what people need in the education, how to let the public to receive education, enjoy education. So there is a certain education network. Web services mainly in three aspects, one is the tutoring service (pre tutor fee, depending on the two) is education consulting (so you can keep a lot of people, we need what educational materials will come here, is to increase the site stickiness, education and training (three) is the profit by showing training institutions). If the development is successful, there will be an industrial chain, I do not know that we see a little [education industry + local service]

case two:

so gift alliance www.****.com [domain name is * * * to prevent everyone suspected promotion website]. Gifts website is actually a e-commerce platform, is through the website display manufacturers (with flow to the manufacturers of new products, and then charges) in the local promotion of their own website, let you buy gifts are here. In fact, the website is what are not, after receiving customer calls, customer contact and demand for another gift company, a gift company to sign a contract with the customer, take the deposit, and then go to the manufacturers to sign the contract, the typical sleight of hand. [gift industry + Chengdu local]

simple to cite two examples to illustrate the truth is only one. We don’t want to do what station, not to follow the trend, careful analysis of their own choice of industries, based on local. For example, local home appliances, furniture, real estate, such as the Chinese population so much, we can seize the local people have to go to you to help you count the money.

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