A real nternet thinking soft marketing case

Internet is an arena, the arena every day there are many things happen, Pan Jinlian Wu Song derailment, drunk fight Jiang Menshen, similar events happening every minute. This is not a non famous director Quanan Wang whoring again detonated the Internet public opinion, there is support, oppose, insensitive. For a time the news media, micro-blog, WeChat and other major platform jishuashua bring his sword to Quanan Wang, began to dig, the old stories have a carry out, in-depth analysis of why an old man in the house has a small 20 year old goddess wife also go whoring. Of course, this is not the focus of our attention, as a veteran Internet practitioners, I have long been numb to these. Why did he go whoring and I Never mind, nor do I care. What I really care about is to be able to use this event to promote what marketing, this is the value of.

Lei Internet thinking seven words is the focus, extreme, reputation, quick! Stephen Chow "Kung Fu" there is a world of martial arts is not fast break, the bullet can hold, afraid of what? Today I want to say a quick case is just the case, you absolutely shocking the heart, hurt your heart, why didn’t you think



this is a picture of the September 17, 2014 360 navigation home page, please look at the middle position has a huge Quanan Wang project, following a [Quanan Wang] link, this link is a link to the 360 Quanan Wang Encyclopedia entries. The following figure



note red box in figure painting, if you can’t see or zoom to 360 Quanan Wang encyclopedia entry view, links to the http://s.baike.so.com/doc/3254426.html realtime


this sentence is so to speak "review by the police, Quanan Wang confessed that he is through the mobile phone trick prostitute information linked to Lu Moumou, six o’clock that night, two people in Wang’s studio, prostitution activities, in the use of Ai Di Fei Ke passion to discharge after Wang paid LV Moumou 800 yuan piaozi. Quanan Wang studio where the District of commercial and residential, high-end residential, defend the extremely strict security personnel, said nothing about the matter. The company had no signs of all, only the number, here proved to be Quanan Wang was arrested for prostitution. The police also identified further work, Wang Moumou in 8, 9, 10, three consecutive prostitution, which on the 9 day he also performed with the two women for prostitution activities. According to the clues, the police have to introduce prostitution Ryu (female, 18 years old, Heilongjiang province) and 6 suspects were arrested on suspicion of prostitution."

note that the blue field red words, the moment the product exposure to 360 keywords, navigation flow, and the heat of the Quanan Wang incident, a conservative estimate of the day this keyword exposure to millions of times. This is the power of soft wen. Imagine if you want

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