Baidu medical four word combination is very sensitive to change after Baidu how to go

a surgical treatment of heart disease in the United States, the cost is $90 thousand (about 620 thousand yuan), while the same operation in India is less than $2% of the cost of the United states. Not only the cost is low, the efficiency of India hospital is also very high, the operation of 900 units per month is equivalent to the amount of a year in the United States an ordinary university hospital.

this is a doctor of cardiovascular surgery at the Stanford University in the United States during a visit to India last thanksgiving. The doctor observed that a simple and practical intelligent medical system is more important than personal experience.

February 9th, the first financial reporter was informed that Baidu has been through the internal mail announced organizational restructuring and optimization of medical service, withdrawal by registered as the representative of the low-end service sector, to focus on the layout is above the American medical doctors feel that artificial intelligence field at.

first finance to get the adjustment manual shows that the Baidu medical division intelligent small e team and thumb doctor team, will be transferred to the AI system, the Ministry of medical content construction team, into the search company. Other medical services will be shut down. After the adjustment, the former general manager of Baidu medical division Li Zheng will be transferred to the AI team, make full use of artificial intelligence technology, combined with the business direction of the intelligent E and thumb doctor, accelerate the search for a solution to the use of artificial intelligence in the medical field.

artificial intelligence era of thinking logic, thinking should be what it looks like, it is not very clear, it is the same for any company. Baidu should be early in this direction to think and try." The head of Baidu, said Robin Li speech in the new year after the internal, Wei Zexi Post Bar events, hemophilia and other events, "the combination of Baidu + medical" four words have become extremely sensitive, and how to define the Baidu medical enterprise, the leader of the China Internet era is also very cautious.

two years ago, just the rise of the mobile health is in the heyday of investment and financing: tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, Shujishiyi, billions of dollars of valuation, let the mobile medical company that has become the most dazzling star in the field of internet.

in this context, BAT giants have also opened the layout of the Internet in the field of health care, mergers and acquisitions quality targets are the main route. Compared with the Tencent and Ali, Baidu in the medical business layout include: February 2015, Baidu spent $60 million to get an appointment as the breakthrough "the road to health point of medical Internet company (formerly the medical network) 13% of the shares, in September 2015, Baidu once again lead investor Softbank, China capital (SBCVC), Hong Hui capital (HighLightCapital) with the cast of another Internet enterprises interested in medicine medical network, the scale of investment of $40 million, and is currently one of the main business of the company is registered.

subsequently, the domestic Internet investment and financing of medical companies ushered in the winter period: many internet medical enterprises by the platform >

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