Why do Chinese people like to speculate

some time ago to see a web site in Google’s Chinese domain name event. Remember just finished "China Internet the most abominable quanqian company – CNNIC". Then someone started registering the domain name. In fact, the domain name registration is understandable. Remember in 2006 to buy their own.Cn forgotten renew the domain name, let me give Chinese ", has been on the cybersquatting events more disgusted. But here still want to come out to say that as a Chinese, is not a bit too smart".

since Google price recovery after.Cn, with real corn worm and gas ignition doubled,.Cn yuan to buy the domain name cybersquatting, crazy, like eating ecstasy into disco. A good domain name registration, of course, have their own value, but you grab someone else’s brand is a bit too boring. Recently, according to overseas media said SEO.com sold $5 million, after the acquisition of the 6 domestic 6.cn, the value of the domain name seems to be overestimated more. Personally think that the domain name is actually a number of the Internet, only this! If you think you have a good domain name can get rich, estimated that the poor open big


some domain names only in a certain period of time, a certain stage, for a company has a certain meaning, over time may not exist. But in the interests of the drive, the Chinese people like to play this kind of speculative game.

Google Chinese since the name of a Google, smart people began to find ways to add "search", "China" and other key words into a new combination. In fact, the probability of such a name Google procurement and lottery winning probability. Why are there so many people relish to chew this thing? Follow suit is a very serious problem for Chinese, and people’s thought to think that their smart change, can make money a lot of money! Do not want to, this domain has great significance for the company Google, have much impact on the Google Corporation. What’s the point of playing with these word games?

Turnover case

carefully review these names, foreign companies greater acquisition of domain name: SEX.com, offer up to 14 million dollars, mcdonalds.com, recovery price of about 8 million dollars, while the google.cn and google.com.cn price has reached millions of dollars. Domestic companies have QQ.com transaction price is said to amount to tens of millions of dollars, the recent 6.cn purchase price of 5 million……

SEX would not have said, McDonald’s Corp to purchase the domain name for McDonalds is upset. Who let the other people also called McDonald’s Google acquisition of.Cn is also helpless. To Chinese to have such a thing to do, qq.com Tencent Inc repurchase, as a result, in relation to the development of Tencent and the company’s portal of ambition, and secondly, involved in the company’s brand, three, two of the domain name is a rare, flower >

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