Daily topic To explore Nora fined 260 million behind refused to correct the continuation of infringe

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 18th news, high-profile Nora punished 260 million tickets, held yesterday afternoon in Shenzhen city market administration hearing rooms in the hearing room, the reason of Nora company 260 million yuan punishment in Shenzhen city for the first time exposure. This is probably the biggest ticket to Chinese IT companies so far.

actually Nora accept punishment this is not the first time, but this did not expect the penalty so high!

according to the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Management Bureau pointed out that the parties Nora company without permission, to the public through the network spread "Beijing love story" and other TV dramas, variety kind of work, illegal business amounted to 86 million 716 thousand yuan, with several violations, long duration, high social impact, subject to administrative organs after punishment, refused to correct, to continue the infringement, subjective intent is obvious, illegal circumstances are serious, a huge amount of illegal business, the actual situation, so the law intends to impose three times the amount of illegal business fined, or a fine of 260 million yuan.

Nora has been posted on piracy, bad content label. The cloud sail search is considered to be evidence of piracy, the contents of the cloud sail search links to pirated video sites, and there are close business contacts with these sites.

Several major video sites

led by Sohu as early as at the end of last year on the composition of the anti piracy alliance, held a press conference denouncing Baidu video and broadcast, was back to them out of the 250 thousand tickets. Soon Baidu video frames all pirated video began to walk on the road to wash white. Officially because so in this year’s "anti pornography" activities is not what Baidu video.

but Nora may feel that the fine of 250 thousand yuan is too small, no matter what continues to go piracy, refused to correct. To the digital copyright protection, punish piracy has always been the important work of Jian Wang activities, it is understood from June 2011, until April 2014, the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau conducted a long-term follow-up survey of nora. This can be hidden for three years long enough ah, not to give you a heavy blow ah!

it is understood that the State Copyright Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau will be held in July network work conference, and will focus on cleaning up the player management approach. I believe that, with the increase in copyright awareness, regardless of how quickly punished Nora, this is still rampant gray industrial chain will be completely cleaned up, the video industry development will be regular, healthy development.

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