Sources said the 36 group of Baidu cosmetics investment buy site

In recent years, Baidu

investment layout Sina Francisco September 21st morning news, according to sources, Baidu has invested layout to group purchase field, and has invested in cosmetics group purchase website 36 group, but did not disclose the specific amount of investment.


public information, 36 group buying network was established in Beijing in 2010, positioning professional cosmetics buy site, the company has more than 100 employees, registered users reached millions. The source said that Baidu has invested in 36 groups, but the specific amount is unknown.

According to Sina

technology "TABLES capital" inventory information, Baidu has been in the regional and vertical investment layout, such as investment in travel search where the real estate information website, anjuke and B2C mall Yao point 100. With the Alibaba investment group, Tencent F investment group, Baidu group purchase in the field upper formations.

, according to media reports, the 36 Group founder Su Haizheng graduated from the Tsinghua University Department of civil engineering, as early as 1998 began the road of entrepreneurship, many websites were founded during the successful acquisition of DCM and IDG investment, the group established 36 sortie cosmetic B2C system and its fourth successful entrepreneurs.

Since last year,

group purchase market competition, the market is also the capital for the group purchase cosmetics, such as’s angels Xu Xiaoping, Mickey network also announced the completion of tens of millions of dollars A round of financing. However, cosmetics are currently facing the purchase of goods from the source channel questioned and pressure.

is currently the 36 group and Baidu did not comment on the matter. (Cui Xi)

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