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pig network CEO Zhu Mingyue (Tencent technology plan)

11 and 18 news, zhubajie.com CEO Zhu Mingyue in the "2010 first global Witkey conference said," Witkey can use a network cable, a computer can carry out the work, so as to avoid the ordinary white-collar work around trouble, Witkey set off national free working revolution.

Zhu Mingyue pointed out that more than 50 million of the world currently has about 20000000 Witkey and Witkey nationwide, most of them are in the form of a part-time do Witkey, among them, the highest income can reach a monthly income of 20 thousand yuan, more than 100 thousand yuan annual income of millions of them: "some people are working full-time, is that they use their own actions, free work, work at home is coming of age".

2010 the first global Witkey conference the general assembly by the People’s Republic of China Ministry of industry and information technology guide, sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal People’s government and the international data group, Chongqing economic and Information Technology Commission, Yuzhong District People’s government, zhubajie.com, Chongqing evening news hosted, dozens of well-known global Witkey website Co.

Tencent science and technology as the exclusive strategic cooperation portal of this conference on the whole assembly of the text and micro-blog live broadcast.

The following is the pig

CEO Zhu Mingyue speech

Zhu Mingyue: distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, friends and the media Witkey colleagues, ladies and gentlemen:

good morning everyone!

first, please allow me on behalf of zhubajie.com 180 employees and 4 million locations in 25 countries and regions of the "virtual employee" Witkey, thanks to the State Ministry, IDG, the Chongqing Municipal People’s government, the Chongqing Municipal Commission by letter and I had worked and trained me to the Chongqing evening news, research experts thank all the brothers from all corners of the country scholars, elites, Witkey Witkey Witkey website community, and friends in the media of the conference’s concern and support. Thank you for your support and attention to the general assembly.

the theme of today’s conference is "the Internet and the work revolution," and today I’m going to talk about a revolution. But I want to say today is not the smoke of the revolution, the revolution, but the revolution in personal opinion, Witkey, we are tens of millions of Witkey, from the three aspects of work:

launched a global revolution

first, Witkey has brought freedom the revolution

a cable, a computer.

is so simple, you can not get up early in the morning, without the crowded bus, not crowded elevator, the custom is not late, no boss scolded, no customer annoyance, you can be comfortable to work.

maybe you are still troubled by their lack of education, maybe you are still

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