The commercial nternet Conference has been questioned from the show for misappropriating tools

Abstract: in addition to the above types of enterprises, the Internet site of the general assembly has a similar storm, Maxthon and PPTV such veteran Internet company." The person said the Internet portal, now everyone is hope for success, especially in the rapidly changing mobile Internet, there is no clear direction before, perhaps only.

reporter Zhang Xiaobin Beijing reported

this is not a big man but still hot Internet conference.

-15 August 13th, the twelfth session of the Chinese Internet Conference held in Beijing, although the industry’s highest level meeting, but the three Internet giants BAT as media support of the Tencent, other giants were not attending this year; and accordingly, the traditional IT, and has the advantages of the household electrical appliance enterprises vertical mobile Internet business, a session of the General Assembly the protagonist.

although the giant was absent, but each including Internet banking, big data sub forum, packed, and even the emergence of the audience sat on the floor of the situation. At the same time, inside and outside the venue, an advertising war between enterprises also carried out in full swing.

Internet bigwigs absent

when the chairman of millet, Lei Jun over the Internet Conference, when he jumped on the car. Porsche pictures, follow the crowd sighed, "if Ma Yun and Robin Li, not to take a helicopter?"

unfortunately, although the industry is the highest level of the general assembly, but compared with previous years, this year’s Internet Conference because of the lack of BAT levels of business and the leaders of the meeting and slightly dim starlight. The original participants in the list of Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi, Baidu CEO did not attend the speech. In addition, as the second step of the company’s NetEase CEO Ding Lei and Sina CEO, such as, also missed the meeting.

therefore, as the industry "catfish" Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou T, Lei Jun’s debut, became the current Internet congress to "save the hero". But Zhou t admitted that the 360 industry only "catfish", dare not say "mountains"; and although Lei Jun expected millet 100 billion annual income, also said he would not change the world ".

it is worth noting that, although the three Internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent leader is not present, but they rolled up a single transaction to hundreds of millions of dollars or even $1 billion 900 million acquisition wave, still aroused the numerous topics.

"three giants have formed the respective ecosystems, on the Internet Conference in scumble." There are well-known Internet portal, told reporters that the early days we also rely on this platform, but now a lot of Internet companies have their own platform, go to a field."

"giant’s product line and corporate ecology continue to expand, connecting the industrial chain of many enterprises,"

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