Not the old legend of the domain name industry DVD com main foreign movie rental business

domain name news: yesterday, online movie rental service Netflix official announced, Netflix has successfully acquired the domain name industry Its specific details of the transaction is unknown, there are industry stakeholders to assess the transaction price of such domain names should be around six digits. Currently the domain name registration information has been transferred to the name of the company, and jumped to the

learned through the Whois query, registered in August 25, 1998, has been nearly 14 years of history and the domain name, domain name information of the last change time is March 28, 2012, other relevant mainstream suffix has been registered. Turning to the purpose of the acquisition of, Netflix is responsible for the company in order to further maintain the healthy development of the company’s DVD disc rental business and made a small investment.

this a message, to hold the hands of investors is the domain name industry There is a way out. Because, has been the industry domain investment in the market is basically in the embarrassing situation in be neither hot nor cold. The vast majority of enterprises in the development of the Internet, the use of domain names are based on the creative strategy or platform name, there is little direct use of the domain name of the industry as a platform for the entrance.

in fact, the domain name itself contains a large number of user groups, highly commercial value, and in the user’s subconscious directly to the domain name of the industry platform will give more trust and support. As for the leader in the industry, if the development of the layout of the industry on the Internet through a unique domain name, must be able to lay the cornerstone of its leading position in the field of the internet.

such as,, electric diaper soap, wood, the domain name industry at first glance will know what are the basic characteristics of the platform, can accurately and effectively show the business characteristics of the platform, so that the domain name industry itself brand value is full of gold, with the value of other types of domain name can not be compared.

on the Internet warlords melee today, with the industry’s most representative of the industry domain, is sitting on the whole industry group of potential customers, whether it is expressed in the sustainable development or word-of-mouth marketing, will be more than the counterparts of core competitiveness. Although the value of the industry domain name has not yet been reflected, but with the development of the industry, the relevant domain names will be reused, and will continue to be the concern of the enterprise, become an old legend.


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