The feasibility and necessity of developing app application in agricultural mobile phone

Guangdong Province, the southern rural news launched the "orange", "agricultural", "shrimp", "pig", supply and marketing cooperatives in Hunan province launched the "marketing", Guangxi Province issued a "agricultural intelligence online"…… These movements can be seen from all parts of the country are beginning to produce and popularize the application of mobile phone of agriculture, how everyone a mobile phone application to mobile phone APP busy? What help for agricultural production? Agricultural development also need to use

mobile phone?

development of agricultural mobile phone App application possibilities analysis:

1, the number of smart phone users is growing;

2, upstream and downstream manufacturers of agricultural production, agricultural sector sales, distributors groups such as the widespread use of smart mobile phone;

3, more and more college students and young people are involved in agricultural production (such as college students planting spring sweet orange, pig, chicken, etc.);

4, telecom, China Unicom and mobile operators in recent years, the introduction of the business has greatly increased the smart phone;

from the above several points that, because the characteristics of intelligent mobile phone convenient, convenient communication and numerous functions, cheap rates, in the whole agricultural production, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, seeds, agricultural implements, farmers, buyers, distributors, wholesalers and other large personnel engaged in more intelligent mobile phone.

and APP mobile phone information can be directly to one to one, one to many service to the target customers, targeted customer groups, and industry chain closely, can be said that information technology promotes the agricultural development opportunity again.

through the mobile phone applications, suppliers and customers, consumers, producers can quickly, at any time to grasp the market dynamics, greatly reducing the information asymmetry in agricultural production.

there is no need to develop mobile APP applications?

compared to the service industry of the third industry, agricultural production in the level of marketing, information transmission are far behind the former.

if there is some of the strength of the online application service providers to enter the field of agriculture, will provide services to other aspects in addition to the production of planting labour, implementation of brand planning, marketing, data analysis, industry report, market research, make agricultural production and market development of corresponding docking.

in addition, we can also through on-site lectures and courses to make mobile phone micro agricultural practitioners to learn and use, make agricultural producers to guide the production from the terminal market, sales and the allocation of resources, access to the latest market information, competition information, from the grassroots docking market, which will greatly promote agriculture the development of.

so mobile APP penetration of agricultural production, will be a very favorable and necessary things. This is the original article, Shatangju ( provided by. >

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