The marketing power of a good story 1% of teenage life

‘s best company tells two stories to build a strong and enduring brand. One is the creation of the story, the focus is the company’s entrepreneurial legend; a customer impact story, is about the company’s products, services to people’s lives and the positive impact of change. A distinctive theme, personalized characters, rich and conflicting details are indispensable plot, empathy.


a good story marketing power finally let people see.

can be said that last weekend staged "I have only 1% of life," the story show, is the best cost-effective event marketing this year, no one. Although Ma Allison, Huang Taiji, Yu Jiawen, God carved, are a master of storytelling, but compared with the "great Anne", one can, short time, simple social media and have detonated such a good conversion effect, no one can out to the right.

21:26 on December 13th, micro-blog V "the great Anne" released "sorry, I only have 1% life" photos, quickly became popular in the micro-blog, then quickly spread to the WeChat circle of friends, just one day, the two major social networks were shuabing. As of December 15th 20 points, the map has been forwarded on the micro-blog has accumulated a total of 436 thousand and 900 times, the point of praise for the 347 thousand and 300 time, comment on the 89 thousand. But the transformation brought is surprisingly high, "the great Anne" on the afternoon of 14 15:07 released micro-blog said, this article has a reading of more than 60 million, more than 300 thousand users to download fast comics "application", the development of her business application in App Store rushed to the highest free list, until today still ranked second.

many people exclaim, really good marketing, did not see her spending money reputation and downloads double harvest, this is the vast majority of companies to spend money can not buy.

had to admit, it’s really a cow. Even then she questioned the hype, questioned her comic expression level, and, before she is not here, I want to say is, its values, moral standards, entrepreneurial growth path, regardless of you and me, just from the incident itself, we can learn, is her event marketing skills: the achievement of a good story of a popular event, a good story created and contributed to a closed loop marketing.

good story good marketing

nobody to listen to the truth, the best a little story. This has nothing to do with the status of human intelligence, the "story" and "friends" have their own audiences, airport financial magazine also by business stories for white-collar workers Master revel.

JWT CEO Tang Ruitao once said: "our goal is to put the mouse into Mickey mouse". "Mouse" is a general merchandise, a lot, but people do not necessarily like. But Mickey Mouse is not the same, although all mice, but it can bring happiness to people, can get people

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