The three cheats forum speculation

any marketing must first start from the analysis of user behavior, for the vast majority of Internet users, go to the forum to see the post has already become an important part of Internet, and because the post is mostly by users of original contributions, so it is much higher than the reference value of commercial advertising, in the eyeball economy era, users of this the inertia of thinking determines the importance of the forum post hype in network marketing. I have also done a number of forums (, literally wrote a few points of view, we give advice!

, the attractiveness of the post title (impact level 40%)

is a typical Internet information media, Internet users in the ocean of information on the information novelty threshold greatly improved, only can click high enough to attract the attention of users of the title can return rate. Example: the tourism network marketing for XX tourism post speculation in the process of post title "the most detailed by the history of the XX tourism strategy" to "the history of the cattle tourism strategy", click rate by day more than and 200 soared to more than 4 thousand a day, this is the case.

two, the contents of the text and graphic rich and the title match (impact level of 30%)

a post without the editor support, want to fry the possibility of heat is almost zero, and the network editor can only support the match problem of the post, or the post will by netizens as "the title of the party" notoriety, so in the post will be the title of the paper by the matching degree of consideration.

three, people will post reply to maintain a high top and high heat (impact 20%)

with the first two steps as the basis, the possibility of post heat is very high. But under the natural condition, the post is often high and low click reply, this post is very easy to sink, unfortunately, we have to prepare enough ammunition vest do before posting, artificially maintain a high rate of top posts.

do more than three points (other factors account for the impact of 10%), and try to reduce the tendency of post commercialization, post marketing high input-output ratio will be greatly added to your results.

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