How do consumer survey [li] who don’t have a lot of budget

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consumer survey

One of the most popular ideas about

‘s consumer survey over the years is that "consumer surveys are useless because consumers don’t tell you what they want."

this sentence lacks the most basic logic, which is equivalent to saying: "battlefield investigation is useless, because the enemy will not tell you what his real intention is to fight."

said the person, is entirely in the investigation useless, to cover up the lack of diagnostic capabilities. In fact, most of the time, it’s not the investigation that doesn’t work, but most people use the wrong approach. (like the intelligence agencies in the armed forces who collect garbage information, not because of the lack of intelligence, but because of the problem of collecting intelligence)

recently in the "14 days of change plan" training camp, a student asked me: "the lack of technology and capital projects, how to do consumer survey, then this article will rethink the" consumer survey "the problem.


says "consumer surveys are very important," why do most surveys fail to get the desired results?

open a lot of survey report, you see the content is:

77% of your users are women;

you 53%

brand reputation;

brand awareness 76%;

61% consumers said they value the price……

what the hell is wrong with that?

first explains these two concepts:


said the survey, most people think of the first word is "data".

many marketing professionals agree with the idea that marketing research seeks a number of accurate, proven data-driven conclusions, which are traditional ideas about marketing research.

, so most of the time, when we want to investigate when our work is in the budget range as wide as possible to collect data, get a large number of samples, using statistical methods, to provide a large number of analysis reports.


contains a large amount of data report, you open the cover of the second will very much look forward to (see this a few months we harvest, then what will be cloudy), do not understand what is the meaning of, and then think of another day. The final report into the office of the data folder, as No one shows any interest in the decoration.



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