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A5 [shop] business story, share development story of the store, and understand the cultural features of the shop, the shop operators have, grow together.

dream Jiang: Hello guests, I am A5 dream River, thanks to participate in A5 electricity supplier [shop story] interaction, please do a self introduction, so that readers know you friends.


foot flagship store: This is Tmall mall "Tilly foot flagship store operating small bin, very pleased to participate in this activity A5 platform together with everyone learning exchanges.


dream River foot flagship store ( store now established for a long time, a brief introduction of the shop, the main categories, the current operations, store feature information.


foot flagship store has been established for 2 years, the main categories of shoes, is now a crown shop, the camp shoes are leather material, to create a good brand of leather shoes for the purpose of selling the line with an annual output of 1 hundred million, Tmall’s flagship store sales value ranging from 500w-1000w.

dream: Tilly Jiang foot focus on leather shoes, positioning is "we only do the best shoes" is the brand to the line from the line. Focus on leather shoes, products and supply of this piece is like, a processing factory, own designer, or processing, or just


foot flagship store: Tilly Tilly foot is a line under the brand with the processing factory, own designer, also do the processing, in the country and more cable under the store, last year’s output has broken billion yuan, is a very foundation and the strength of the enterprise.

Meng Jiang: very much in the Tmall shoes brand, TOP top 10 brand shoes which have this data share. Tilly foot brand ranking


foot flagship store: this category is for brand shoes, TOP10 merchants are mostly well-known brands such as the Red Dragonfly line, Daphne, BELLE, Josini, yelikon, camel, GUCCI family, Comar Nick, Staccato, Mo Lei Lei kou. At present, Tilly foot ranking within top300.

dream Jiang: brand many, personally think that "offline to online brand" by users a higher degree of recognition, you think of shoes category in brand awareness, which features to enhance the brand image? "Tilly foot" is how to build their own brands of


foot flagship store: I personally think that to enhance the brand image and to make a difference from products and services, reflects the brand tonality. For many online businesses, Tilly foot store service experience has independent product development and years of the line, this is for us to build others do not have the advantage of online platform, whether it is online or offline Tilly foot has been attached great importance to the user experience, so we in the products and services that will.

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