was how to make use of garbage station group earned 5000 yuan monthly

some time ago to discuss Station Group acquisition technology in the Q group and the group of friends, after careful study, or to be successful, there may be people absolutely, I can only do this garbage characters garbage sites, but the fact that the garbage site really brings me a lot of profit, I love to share, so to share a little achievement of my three months to do it for you. If the same conditions, can try to do something here, I do not guarantee that each site can have a monthly income of 5000 yuan, because Baidu’s algorithm has been changing, garbage site is a long-term survival is still unknown.

black hat group quickly ranked

first of all my first step is to think of my garbage site to do it, and to take advantage of this garbage site to achieve fast rankings, the principle of the black hat is as follows, the site I do not provide source code.

a, 6 million keyword

when I do this site, in the purchase of 6 million with Taobao search volume keywords, the structural design of the web is mainly a keyword of a page, that is to say, I created this site after the line will have 6 million pages.

two, user-friendly collection

some people say that the acquisition station can not do, for my collection program, I was looking for more than a week, which is mainly to collect multiple web pages to my site on a page.

three, keyword stack structure

my dumpster home no keywords, ranking is mainly, so my home page, as shown above, the main function of the home page to guide the search engines crawl the page, the inside pages of the chain link, make easier for search engines to crawl.

summary: for black hat station group technology here I do not do more, this article introduces some of the black hat stand group profit.

profit model: Baidu advertising alliance

my garbage station group, the main profit model for Baidu advertising alliance, the other did not do any advertising effect. Think through the Baidu advertising alliance profit, here I suggest you ahead of the site to do a record, my dumpster record is the direct purchase to record the domain name, here I also suggest that you buy to record the domain name, time saving, and this type of site do not know what time will be K, no flow. So you do not need to do hard filing and other long-term plan.

for this waste site sources of traffic are garbage flows, that is to say, a certain industry or an article submission is not up to the soft effect, while the black hat website Links is unable to sell, so here only through advertising alliance to achieve profitability.

is the important content of waste site, so site theme when the user enters the station does not have, will find the site on the dry cargo in advertising, because Baidu advertising alliance is mainly through the user.

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