How to do a good job of post marketing in QQ space limited recovery

before we say why QQ space access will be restricted, the main reason is that the US has made some Tencent platform in violation of rules, these records may be we are not aware of, we think their content is not illegal, but for a long time, the system will sweep sweep to us, this is our treatment to space restricted access. So when we have limited access to the recovery of the later stage of our marketing work and how to do it?.

space is limited for us, your number will feel bigger after this is a homely meal, will often encounter. The main reason is that our visit is too large, as well as more content, more than we have been in the system after the investigation is more frequent, so the probability of injury on the big. We know that our limited space in general, it takes four to fifteen working days, if said after fifteen days of our space has not been restored then only to find customer service. So when the space is restored, we need to do a lot of things, but also more cautious. What do we need to do,


1 carefully grasp the content of

we know that when we are in a long period of time without space, our friends will be a lot less. Although we have uploaded content in the album before, the space has a dynamic, but this is not enough. So we need to take a good grasp of the space after the recovery of content, grasp the main contents of the following points:

(1) whether the material meets the appetite of friends

material no matter what platform are very important, we want to put a good word, then we need to get my friends what type, which belongs to the group of love, what kind of content, is a picture or GIF or text class. So we need to improve the content according to this. For we just restore space, time visits that one or two days is less than before, after all, limited time before which a lot of friends can not enter the space and no timely notification in place, so we only can do is the content, depending on the content to expand the forward growth of new friends.

(2) material violation

before we have limited space, it is because of our space photos or other contents of the system inside the contents of the screen, resulting in violations. So now we need to do is to control the content, if the photos we feel is not suitable to the place, then we should delete, find other content, there is about to describe our words do not involve sensitive keywords, this also is in order to avoid the limitation again.

2 adds interactive

the interaction between our friends and this is very few people are serious to do, there are two main reasons:

(1) more trouble


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