The interaction of the dead marketing micro marketing looks beautiful is not so simple

micro-blog, has ushered in the four birthday, recently, have all heard bad mouthing, with micro-blog marriage near Ali, also in their own mobile phone push from the micro Amoy, micro marketing is WeChat’s most recent fire. The topic is based on the micro marketing industry is not bad, let’s take a look at these let us love the half alive micro marketing.

micro-blog, WeChat, micro Amoy in the end what is


in June 5th this year, in a public event in Beijing, WeChat product director has announced the positioning of the Tencent’s internal platform for the public: information flow, connect users and services, interactive communication. But also for the first time more clearly stated: WeChat is not a marketing platform.

official statement from WeChat, we are not difficult to see, WeChat marketing for businesses, is just a wonderful anesthetic.

Sina micro-blog in 4 years ago, from the moment of the beta invitation code, micro-blog has always made it an important attribute of the media, due to the recent national regulation, for micro-blog’s management are more stringent, more so, the more we can not ignore the influence of the micro-blog platform. Compared to WeChat, micro Amoy, micro-blog is the only one based on the PC side and mobile terminal platform. More importantly, we can not ignore the micro-blog generated a major boost: interaction.

micro Amoy, it is the recent launch of Ali mobile terminal products, much like the public number in WeChat. But from the micro Amoy own product planning, micro Amoy will launch a similar open platform plug-in implants, support mobile phone lottery, shaking preferential push, fans and other marketing tools management function.

summary, the basic attributes of the current point of view, the three are the social marketing platform based on micro, WeChat is more focused on the small circle of communication, micro-blog focuses on media and communication, micro Amoy focus on business.

micro marketing: looks beautiful, not so simple

not long ago, micro-blog has not done Internet rumors, a successful lecturer disciple, open the micro-blog marketing class, only the slogans, they can earn millions of traditional industry boss class fee. And as the team and individual students, the many, slowly dispersed in micro-blog marketing. At the same time, WeChat marketing just popular, all kinds of so-called success stories have bee to TA, said WeChat marketing people through micro-blog or micro-blog on enrollment, marketing at the same time lonely, they also use their own micro-blog zombie powder for brand promotion, dumbfounding.

micro marketing, not simply to push PUSH to repeat, and repeat this with psoriasis in the street advertising act without any difference, if only in accordance with the teaching materials, books, micro marketing is defined as: information push, sell, etc. that adorable, will lose the micro marketing characteristics, also produced not the actual results.

from the overall point of view, micro marketing, it should be seen as an important channel, in the case of sales pressure is not large, but also can be seen as

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