The corporate website is the website for the purpose of marketing or to the enterprise for the purpo

enterprise website what is the purpose of the site, is a site or in the marketing business promotion? This is a confused enterprise has been.

enterprise website construction of the significance of the two aspects, one is the network marketing, one is to show the enterprise image. But when the role of the two enterprises want to take into account, the problem appeared, the enterprise website framework for network marketing to the simple page, website to the main text content, website open speed fast, and search engine friendly. For the enterprise website frame display of corporate image of the complex, to be beautiful, you need special effects, most of the code for the JS code, this code is very influence web browsing speed, but also to be beautiful, to get on the flash, a lot of pictures, a lot of text content is placed in the flash with the picture, not knowing that the content display the search engine spiders read without moving, he can not read, it is not friendly to him, to the search engine friendly website, it is difficult for him to let you in his natural position there will be good with the weight of row, there is no ranking corporate website marketing you out of your website, also it is very difficult to promote your products.

problem appears, we have to ask the community to study the site, when the two problems encountered in the conflict, the enterprise website construction is the choice of marketing or display image based


today should be about to a paper-making enterprises on enterprise website construction project, not a few words I put the topic switch to this topic, because I have been on business users, contact business users, many users communicate with us website, basically similar, it is the website do pretty, do sample. Of course we do is the professional enterprise website, but the enterprise network marketing more professional, so often to the above problem with the enterprise users to communicate, they could not change the idea, the final choice of the construction of enterprise website or marketing. So I feel very happy, because our research community has been traveling on its own commitment: that is the right way to guide enterprises to take the road of network marketing, corporate Web site to do so will make money site

I passed on the enterprise website construction overall introduction, including post website promotion, website operation, network marketing training of enterprise personnel, enterprises realize the whole network marketing planning is very necessary. This enterprise website construction project to upgrade to the network marketing planning including enterprise network marketing department training and so on.

actually solve the enterprise website construction is the main choice of marketing or display image based problems, there is a perfect solution, that is the construction of a display image, one is marketing, two corporate website, some users if necessary to display the image, also attaches great importance to marketing, so this scheme is a the only solution. Some companies do not understand, but such a plan for the enterprise has many benefits, want to know can communicate with me, I do not tell people. ^_^

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