Do these you do network promotion

a. Familiar with know own company’s products

have a more in-depth understanding of their products, in order to do a good job in network planning and promotion, do the program must, when others advice when you have confidence to answer, is customer satisfaction, so that the transaction can be successfully

two. To analyze their competitors, take its essence, to its bad

understanding of their own is not enough, but also to understand the competitors, the so-called enemy can ever victorious, for its good learning, not good for the absorption of its business lessons.

three. User groups to use the product to understand

what is the purpose of our marketing work is not to attract the target customers so we want to target users to spend more snacks to study. And we have to understand the target population (age, preferences, often go to the site, etc.); injustice is only for the target population, as well as the existing product users have to go.

four. Understand the promotion of


because if SEO did a bit better than the traditional way to promote a thousand times, ten thousand times. So under the conditions permit, we must learn SEO, and then with the network to promote the collection, the effect is very good.

five. Understand e-mail marketing, event marketing, community marketing, viral marketing, word of mouth marketing

said that many of these are afraid, how to so much, in fact, as long as you are proficient in one, for the other to do some understanding, so as to work handy ah.

six. Know how to do online advertising

to understand according to customer groups, do some type of website advertising, more love sport put into sports type of website is the best effect, and such as do tea to join, the advertising investment to the best tea portal, the effect is the best, the most targeted B. to learn how to use advertising alliance advertising. C. to know how to use less money, pay attention to search engine advertising, get the maximum effect

seven. Strong execution

execution is a key factor of network promotion. Good execution is not to say that you do, spend more than ten hours a day to do, that you have a strong executive power. It is not to say that you have tried every method, which is called executive power. There are a lot of friends in the network to do the work, found that this method has no effect, or in the promotion of a lot of problems encountered. For example, you are doing the BBS promotion, just fool a few, not what effect they give up, or when IP blocked sites. Many friends will choose to give up. A person with a strong executive power, he will not choose to give up, he encountered the problem first thought is to solve this problem, rather than choose to give up. This is for newcomers, pay special attention to

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