Su Juan’s first talk about her life business model China’s largest life network red ncubation Platf


media without new and old, content form has changed only

reporter: as the founder of her life, and later became a net red, you can talk about how to become a net red


Su Juan: my identity is her life Su Juan, also known as the network of red Su Juan. I am the founder of China’s first goddess of the community, she lives, why would I be called net red it? Just because I made a speech, not from the entrepreneurs into a network of red. Because last year we did a large social survey – "the Chinese girl’s sex and love", the investigation just came out, in China and even overseas caused a high degree of concern. Later, they have done a Chinese girl’s fear and love, but also a warm response. January 2016, her life and more than twenty well-known media launched China’s first micro plastic survey. These topics at home and abroad, the climax of the discussion, more than a dozen foreign media, including newspaper, in a lot of discussion Chinese female media.


reporter: what is the purpose of the new media to do her life?

Su Juan: the above findings show that Chinese girls should have more choices, become more sexy, beautiful, confident, fully aware of their own. They want to be a better person and want to be a brave, confident, graceful, independent, loving Chinese woman. What she does is to provide a platform for the value of these brave girls, which has become an important source of her life. Therefore, "her life" is the only one in the country, with crowdsourcing way to do the new media platform. Is the only one that takes people as the content of the community platform.

reporter: can you talk about her life behind the development path


Su Juan: from the aspects of the articles on this platform every day, they have a lot of experience of life, they are real, we stand in the future consumption oriented, strong media. The concept of "her life" is to provide a community of content for the life of the network. In fact, "her life" is a red platform for a larger incubation network.

media does not have any old and new concepts. It’s just that we’re on a social network, and the way the content is changed.


female communities have natural business attributes

reporter: "her life" is the new media women first put forward the concept of "bestie" in China, what is your understanding of "bestie economy"


Su Juan: why do you have this concept bestie? Because we never thought the man would really understand a woman, never think that a woman talk about love with people playing. In fact, men just need women, and women just need men. A woman’s best company

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