Yueqing talent network promotion skills

initially completed the design and construction of a site, but the beginning of the enterprise website management. In order to truly play the role of a site, we should be based on the site, in the online network to carry out long-term and effective promotion.

The use of

1, the traditional media; at the present stage of the China, traditional media’s influence is still much larger than the network, especially for the domestic site, the effect of television, newspapers, magazines and other media of these can be said to be immediate, which is why so many websites love speculation reason – by attracting media. Especially in the traditional media attention to the role of propaganda. The promotion of enterprise website, should be integrated into the whole enterprise’s propaganda work, in all the advertising, exhibition, all kinds of activities in the significant place to join the company’s Web site, and make proper introduction.

2, website promotion into the daily work; in addition to the advertising campaign, in addition to a large number of daily work needs to be done to the site to join: envelopes, letterheads, name card, handbags and other various office supplies; building external environment of the enterprise architecture, enterprise, company banner signs, public signs; internal construction the business environment, such as internal common signage, shelf signs and so on; all kinds of traffic tools; employees clothing class; various product packaging bags; companies usually gifts on various printed publications on the company…… To make full use of these means of propaganda, in fact, we need to design the company’s CI (Corporate Identity System) will take into account the factors of the site, the site is actually a basic element in the design of CI.

3, using the

network; the biggest attraction of the Internet is that it greatly reduces the cost of information release and the use of radiation, and promote the network more widely, which is for export for the purpose of the enterprise is particularly attractive. Many specific methods of network promotion, the main login search engine, using a variety of forums, discussion groups, and yellow pages, the use of directional mailing list and so on. But as we said in previous articles, the enterprise website and the information content of the site (ICP), due to their different starting points, the target audience is different, the general enterprise site more targeted, it is not the pursuit of Pageview (page number), which is the actual benefits for the enterprise. Such as reputation in the industry, the number of orders. So enterprises in the promotion of the site needs to be more emphasis on targeted, including geographical and industry. For example, a mainly facing the Southeast Asian export enterprises, then the online promotion strategy it should be in the service of the entire enterprise, registered in Yueqing talent network (www.35mi.net) search engine, or in the forum site, email or message oriented supply and demand, to the Southeast Asian region as the focus, although the network itself is not geographical, but our visitors have a regional difference. For example, a professional mechanical equipment company, its promotion is more targeted, it can be registered in some "professional" engine, the message in the "professional" supply and demand on the site, and similar industries or adjacent station >

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