Apple sued Qualcomm war burned to 1 billion after China claims 1 billion

Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming, but the battle between apple and Qualcomm is still spreading. Back in January 20th, apple sued Qualcomm in the United States, requiring the other party to give $1 billion in damages. In this regard, Qualcomm refuted the assertion that Apple has no basis, and accused the Apple Corp deliberately wrong interpretation of the contract.

now, the case has not been closed, but Apple seems to be enough, a week after the war to China, the claim amount is 1 billion yuan rmb. The day before, the Beijing intellectual property court said Apple has filed a lawsuit in Beijing against Qualcomm, said Qualcomm abuse in the chip industry’s status, and failed to keep its promise to ensure broad and parity provide "authorization for standard essential patents".

specifically, Apple has said that the Qualcomm Corp has the following acts of abuse of market dominance in the relevant communication standard essential patent licensing and sales: baseband chip Qualcomm Corp charged standard necessary patent licensing fees to the Apple Corp and a permit condition is too high; refusing to implement to some standard techniques to provide qualified Apple Corp with the license; or approved the use of the products / services; binding behavior of other according to "anti-monopoly law" the seventeenth the first fifth items and unreasonable trading conditions; the implementation of differential treatment of Apple Corp.

Apple Corp believes that Qualcomm Corp as a standard essential patent rights, it is an obligation in accordance with the fair, reasonable and non discriminatory principles granted Apple Corp patent license. Although the Apple Corp based on the Licensee in good faith to reach direct licensing agreement with Qualcomm will hold its standard essential patent portfolio, its continued refusal to Apple’s request or provide is not consistent with FRAND obligations permit quotation.

synthesis of the above two lawsuits, from the United States to China, the amount of claims from $1 billion to $1 billion, Apple’s lawsuit against Qualcomm is quite dramatic, can be described as a full-scale war. ZTE and HUAWEI announced a truce, Qualcomm and Meizu reached a settlement in the environment, and ultimately what is the outcome of the dispute between apple and Qualcomm, remains to be further observed.

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