15 years of flight MSN Chinese Jiangshan formally withdrew from the market closed the download page

renamed China (eName.cn) October 31st hearing, MSN Messenger instant messaging product of Microsoft’s China today officially withdrawn from the market, the domain name msn.com for Microsoft’s portal website.

October 15th, China MSN announced renamed "Microsoft online", said the restructuring will be online advertising products and wireless business of Microsoft’s MSN service, as early as in March last year has been shut down services, and said China area will also be at the end of the month officially closed. Today, Microsoft official said, after the closure of the Mes-senger account with Messenger bind Hotmail mailbox can continue to use. Access to the domain name skype.com, then jump to the domain name skype.gmw.cn, while displaying MSN users can log on Skype.com!

MSN Messenger since July 1999 release, was one of the top four personal real-time communication network, in a long time to dominate the field of instant messaging products. MSN China’s official website enabled two domain name cn.man.com, and MSN Messenger download is enabled domain name messenger.live.cn, has been unable to access the domain name.

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