Online education financing and death report investment and financing over 4 billion 400 million yuan

twenty-first Century macro research fellow Wang Pengshan

online education industry in 2014 can be described as grab the limelight".

industry heavyweights and the capital predators have staking, almost every week, project financing, new products, new game player, new ways to enter the online education industry. Among them, New Oriental, a good future, Tencent, Taobao this class students of education industry and the Internet giant, but also YY, Netdragon, Wanda, iFLYTEK such cross-border big game player.

according to incomplete statistics, in 2014 the field of investment and financing in the field of online education, mainly involved in foreign language education, K12 education, early education, IT education, study abroad, vocational education, platform class seven categories. Total investment and financing amount of more than 4 billion 400 million yuan.


in the capital into the hot field of online education at the same time, the bubble has emerged, many star business failures, sounded the alarm to the field of online education, industry insiders predict the next year, the online education industry will usher in a large-scale reshuffle.

online education financing outbreak

according to the professional institutions to incomplete statistics, as of November 2014, foreign language education financing case 11 cases, a total investment of more than 2 billion 48 million yuan; K12 education financing case 12 cases, a total investment of more than 469 million yuan; early education financing case 4 cases, a total investment of more than 300 million yuan; IT education investment the financing case 6, a total investment of more than 444 million yuan; occupation education financing case 7 cases, a total investment of more than 926 million yuan; study abroad class financing case 4 cases, a total investment of more than 66 million yuan; 4 cases of platform, the total amount of investment of more than 200 million yuan.

from financing rounds, obtain A round of financing online products accounted for nearly half of the country to the occupation education, then get the angel round of financing products, accounted for 37%, it is worth noting that the online education field occupation to get B round and C round of products a total of 5, in addition to language learning which is the highest proportion the.

in addition, occupation educational institutions have mature line is in the internal hatch online occupation education products, such as Cdel and jointly produced a set of PS skills courses, get hits high in Youku; main combat class IT education mo-net has aopeng education background also, the Internet; Web sites on-line analysis salon occupation training website radish network in August this year.

can be seen from these trends, the field of online Vocational Education under the influence of the larger line, not a new entrants get together to start the field, or with a certain threshold.

from the amount of financing, access to millions of dollars level of financing products is about 7, respectively, over the open class, good education, bay networks, communication networks, Xing Shuai Network Institute, it and start of wheat.


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