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· Ali mother for Thanksgiving three years do not consider earnings

Ma Yun said that Taobao’s growth and numerous small site support inseparable. Taobao just started up, and eBay competition, eBay attempts to stifle the cradle of Taobao, through exclusive agreement to prevent Taobao advertising on the portal site. In order to survive, to break the siege, Taobao can only think of his method of advertising, one way is in the "Internet country" — small website. So Taobao is today, not forget to help in the Jinggang Mountains and our fellow Yanan.

· it’s harder to be a woman than a woman with a

doesn’t remember what year is the Spring Festival Gala, Song Dandan’s essay has left a deep impression to the audience: if a woman is difficult, more difficult to make a clear old woman! And this sentence for me, can understand this: do a woman to be a woman stand more difficult.

little girl Fang 25, single, unemployed, there is a station. O (a _ U) O…, don’t know how many Chinese female owners in the struggle, even if I was one of them.

· don’t bring your vices to china!

this time, every day I dream of hope, but what did not look forward to, address change, to change, what have changed, is not that ridiculous pin code. Just see the Google policy, said that even six months have not received the pin code will be blocked account, I want to ask, who gave you so much right to freely devour our blood?? please us, change your policy! Do you know what the pin does make people feel helpless?


· why webmaster reduce? Sad how many reincarnation

is now used to doctrine, especially for personal adsense. There are few stationmaster dedicated website for their characteristics and design a reasonable soft, more is to find an article that the effect is very good, the name, website address replacement, then everywhere, send hand cramps. Second days to see statistics, see. Do useless work.

· Ali mother Adsense feel

foreign trade network marketing on the advertisement of the mom, a month, received a 200 yuan monthly advertising, during the same period, I put Adsense ads, a month income is $2, ha ha, the author of the two forms of advertising compare.

AdSense and Ali mother is as an online advertising platform, whether it is to buy advertising and advertising can be sold on the above to find what they need, this is very similar to the positioning of both sides. However, as the Ali Mama advertising alliance between domestic upstart and Adsense of the world’s largest advertising alliance compared, there is still great.

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