At the release of the movie beautiful sister did not broadcast Tencent Panpei 120 thousand yuan


Times News (reporter correspondent Zhang Shuling Dou Jingjing) the film "beautiful sister" has not yet shown, in Douban, Tencent, Internet communication, enjoy the movie copyright origin Beijing Cultural Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the origin of the company) will be the two sites of the Beijing Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the bean bean network company), Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent Inc) to the court claim. Yesterday, Chaoyang Court of first instance verdict Tencent Inc compensation company 122 thousand and 500 yuan. Bean network as a network service provider does not directly play movies, does not constitute infringement.

origin of the company claims that, in August 2011, the origin of the company and the day painting days (Beijing) culture media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the day painting company) to shoot the film "beauty". In September 2012, "the United States" sister made permit release. March 7, 2013, Tencent network video channel uploaded beauty, click to watch the full content. Bean network in the operation of the watercress network user comments, there are users of the "sister" download address. Due to two sites leaked video content, resulting in the termination of the original issuer cooperation, resulting in the release of the film affected. It petitioned the court to order the two defendants to publicly apologize for more than a week, compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses 4 million 800 thousand yuan.

Tencent Inc and Tencent Inc argued that China film director Association (referred to as the director of the Association) cooperation, upload videos from the director of the association, its purpose is to facilitate the online watch, director of the association promised its film rights, and promised to deal with related copyright disputes; after receiving the lawyer’s letter, the Tencent Inc has timely down the film. The film only in the online Tencent for a month, little influence.

at the same time, Tencent Inc also questioned the identity of the origin of the company’s copyright owner, said it was only the production units, rather than producers.

Chaoyang Court after hearing the verdict, Tencent Inc compensation for the loss of 100 thousand of the company’s economic losses, a reasonable fee of $22 thousand and 500, while rejecting the origin of the company’s other claims. After the verdict, the origin of the company did not explicitly indicate whether the appeal, Tencent Inc and bean network company made it clear that no appeal.

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