Taobao was in the sale of a variety of illegal wounding instruments Photos



electric rod to send the current A4 paper fire. Newspaper reporter Tao Ran photo


nail gun can be transformed into injection blanks. Newspaper reporter Tao Ran photo


reporter test fly power. Newspaper reporter Tao Ran photo


‘s test, crossbow wear two layers of foam board. Newspaper reporter Tao Ran photo

note: the purchase of control equipment is illegal, the instrument used in this article is only for indoor use, after use will be turned over to the public security organs. All the experiments in this paper are quite dangerous, the reader can not imitate!

Reporter notes

a variety of dangerous goods

reporter through the search for different keywords, search for a wide range of dangerous goods. Among the many prohibited species, the regulatory tool has been the focus of supervision. However, in the search, many military dagger shops also exist. The reporter saw at a Taobao store, the store said the sale of the dagger formal military factory produced, rather than imitation.

is similar with "flying needle" and "stainless steel three whip" and "baton", although Taobao rules explicitly stated that these products are banned sales of products, but as long as the keyword is not completely prohibit the sale of products and try several keywords as like as two peas, permutation and combination, generally to be able to search related articles.

in addition, like anti wolf spray, pepper and other items on the water is not available on the Taobao. However, reporters buy pepper spray is very effective, spray skin burning, hot pain, throat discomfort, symptoms can be eliminated after 10 minutes.

also can be folded into a large key knife, can be folded into the shape of a credit card into the wallet knife, can also be purchased on Taobao.

communication is very cautious about the seller

reporters found that these contraband sellers, most will not directly introduce baby in details, some characteristics of the baby will also implied by some vague expressions, such as "multifunctional personal protective flashlight" refers to "electric batons". For buyers who are interested and ask further questions, the seller will propose to communicate in the specified chat tool. After that, the buyer will be sent to the relevant details of the link or the use of video products.

In order to confirm the

stage, the seller does not provide links to products, in the purchase of anti wolf spray, hot water, military knives and other objects, the seller said, directly take other items, modify the price to >