Tmall medical center in August quietly comeback Tencent or follow model


(reporter Liu Xiayangmiao) Tmall can sell medicine, the question has the answer. After eight months of stagnation, Tmall medical hall last night quietly opened, more than 10 pharmaceutical companies stationed about twenty thousand drugs as a platform to showcase. Analysts believe that the pharmaceutical electricity supplier era or will thus open.

said the flow of double sales growth in pharmaceutical companies

Restart the

Tmall Medical Museum has Shenzhen Nepstar pharmacies, pharmacies, Shanghai Meida Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy more than 10 pharmaceutical enterprises stationed, display items OTC drugs, medical devices, nutrition and health care category. Prescription drugs are not on sale.

the official opening of the Tmall pharmaceutical Museum following the previous jump mode, that is, Tmall provides drug information display, the consumer is buying to jump to the corresponding pharmaceutical website to complete the transaction.

in one of the happy people online pharmacies pharmaceutical companies, Xu Yi said the person in charge, less than a day, happy people flow, sales have doubled. However, the specific growth rate is also running for a period of time, after the stability of statistics.

Tencent, such as drug transaction card mode or to be emulated

in June last year, Taobao Mall (later renamed Tmall) launched the "Museum of medicine", the display of non prescription drugs and health products. Shanghai Meida pharmacy, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy, Hangzhou Jiuzhou pharmacy, Jiangxi happy people of Yunnan Baiyao pharmacy pharmacy, 5 pharmaceutical companies stationed in the collective. 18 days later, and was registered due to lack of qualification of the Zhejiang provincial food and drug regulatory authorities, immediately stop the sale of non prescription drugs. State Food and Drug Administration said that Taobao did not get online sale of drugs qualifications.

it is reported that the sale of drugs through the Internet, must be approved by the drug administration department, made the Internet drug trading service agency qualification certificate, which requires companies with more than 10 entity pharmacies. Taobao mall only made the Internet drug information service qualification certificate.

according to Tmall sources, part of the reason for the stagnation of the medical center is to communicate with the relevant departments of the online drug sales process.

Tmall Public Relations Department explained yesterday, Tmall only build platform to release information, in itself does not sell drugs, and therefore not illegal.


, another industry sources, last year’s first run, Tmall like clothing and other products like can direct orders to buy drugs, it was stopped.

it is reported that nearly a hundred pharmaceutical companies have access to Internet drug information service qualification certificate, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase have access to drug trading card.

Tmall Medical Museum overwhelmed the line, which means that the drug regulatory department of the ‘jump’ mode acquiescence. This is the pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry vane, the source said.


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