Witkey must meet three conditions

some time ago released the first annual Google China hot list, the list shows the Chinese mainland and Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, four Google users in 2007 the highest frequency of use of the search keywords. The "Witkey" and "Digg" and "customer" as a new hot list among the words vividly.

of Witkey, I believe everyone is familiar with the network platform, is a family of Witkey, earn real money to sell their own wisdom and skills, the two most Witkey refers to the design of workers, this is a special phenomenon in the development of witkey.

through a period of observation, the development of Witkey industry, must meet three conditions: Witkey website, strength, Everfount Witkey task. Only when these three conditions are met, to the healthy development of witkey.

, Witkey website. Preliminary statistics, the current domestic large and small Witkey websites (including disappeared and vanishing) of about 250, but in fact only have 10 or so: Witkey, K68, tallzhi.com, pig, China, China, Witkey task air etc..

Witkey website content is the sale of intangible assets, intangible assets, immediacy, uncertainty and timeliness as a result of Witkey website operation difficult, such as: public turnaround, intellectual property, task cheating, once the public will lose creative value, so there is no Witkey ability evaluation standard. It is the first Witkey Chinese, can not learn from the operation mode and experience, so the Witkey website as a start-up must undertake a series of difficulties and facing the problems that may arise at any time.

Witkey website as an intermediary, not only to protect the rights and interests of Witkey can not offend the task publisher. The task is the lifeblood of the development of Witkey and Witkey website once the offending task release, such as now debating "100% prepaid money, never refund, there is no economic security. Witkey website once the offending Witkey is equivalent to a loss of talent, no personnel of the company can develop self-evident.

two, tasks. From Witkey website profit model, task is the lifeblood of Witkey website. The current task is not less, not the market demand, but the task publisher didn’t take the risk, if the task publisher is not satisfied with their plan, how to do? And according to the current Witkey industry unified rules: 100% payment, never refund.

some small sites to take a certain amount of their task, let some Witkey get rich, and sent to prepare for training strength, but this is not a long-term strategy. Since the task is the lifeblood of the site must be combined with traditional industries to take the line to find a task. The company has dedicated to find the task of the sales staff, the initiative to find the task, so that the first task of the publishers tasted the sweetness, so as to achieve word of mouth.

three, gathering strength witkey. Many people think that, as long as the task is actually not witkey. I have observed several powers

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