Analysis of the promotion of paid click from the positive and negative

webmaster about search engine optimization and pay per click SEM, most owners have their own insights and experience used for search engine optimization, and to pay per click but there are two opposing views, some owners think that PPC can quickly improve the ranking, steady flow, so if the long-term use of pay per click to do site promotion; some owners think the high cost of pay per click, this view is the use of pay per click. In the following I will be through my own experience, to share with you about the existence of positive and negative aspects of the existence of paid clicks, together with a dialectical view of paid clicks.

one, pay Click promotion effect is obvious


(1) ranking quickly

pay per click promotion by, can quickly see the effect, to the station at the beginning of the experience, on the first day of the pay per click promotion then there is no suspense in the first page of the first week, pay per click promotion will bring a lot of target users, the actual conversion reached 25 users. This is the search engine optimization can not achieve the effect of a short time, the rankings during the search engine optimization than the more stable.

(2) tracking conversion rate is simple

We use

pay per click promotion, according to the data of the effect of tracking, traffic conversion rate comparison, so as to better adjust the pay per click for keywords, the intention of the user effectively converted to play the biggest role for the actual user. From the tracking code, the initial investment of the pay per click the keyword "rhinitis drug list" into the site users, click on the most is to treat rhinitis Raiders, rhinitis treatment techniques such as the content of the page, the product page for the site is a deserted house, one click. Therefore, after running a period of time, consider replacing the key words.

(3) control easy operation

can adjust keyword bidding to control the ranking, the operation is simple, the pay per click promotion after a period of time, through the bidding keywords from "rhinitis drug list" to "the good reputation of the product to treat rhinitis", promote the ranking from ninth adjusted to third. Therefore, it is very easy to operate and control the promotion rankings by adjusting the position of the bidding.

two, pay Click price volatility


because of the competition to compete with the ranking position, the price will be paid click. At the beginning of the lower prices in the auction to the "good reputation of removing bad breath keywords products", after two months, the key to improve the heat, the competition of many people, a single click on the price rise of 25%, through data analysis, the target users click conversion the actual user cost is greater than the profit, a serious violation of the original on the pay per click promotion >.

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