The secret behind the WeChat marketing

have to say now the pace of development of the Internet too quickly, the micro-blog era after the arrival of big data, to the current era of WeChat has been separated by multiple people sought after, it also proves that the contemporary people keen for new things. Now the webmaster circles and even marketing almost everyone in the discussion of how to use WeChat to do marketing, micro channel marketing and training institutions have also started to go up. Tuition fees vary from a few hundred to several thousand, and most of the content of the training is the same, the only difference is to see who packed their own good! Why do you say that?

new things sought mentality

many people have such a mentality, because all the curious and popular atmosphere with the novelty of their own also follow us there xiaqihong what is actually even he couldn’t understand why. Just as I was at that time in the WeChat out of what all don’t understand, I feel the best function you can search nearby friends and can use voice function, but have not started people boasting that WeChat marketing era, WeChat marketing is the trend of the future. Even began to appear a variety of big wet. It is this mutual boast, mutual pursuit of factors led to the rapid popularity of WeChat.

What are the features of WeChat


go public platform, you can open WeChat now look at WeChat, what are the functions of these functions, what can be done? According to the author’s own observations of WeChat almost now with the mobile phone function almost QQ. WeChat can recommend their friends of friends, there is a circle of friends of the WeChat is equivalent to the QQ space, the other one is WeChat shake, there is a pick up the bottle is the basic function of transplanted bottles of Tencent, the other really can not find out what special features. Then we think these functions are what homework for us? Oh, yes, there is a two-dimensional code scanning function, but in fact is not what special, just in order to let others through the scanning way about you. From all these functions basically is not what the difference with the mobile phone QQ! They can do is to look at the marketing person so go to work, I dare not conclude that people do not have a success, but not many people believe that


why WeChat training so hot

people certainly is not difficult to find that now most people are constantly learning how to use WeChat as a way of marketing, all have led to the WeChat training institutions are now popular phenomenon, but to what time, we do not dare say this, there is probably just spent a present. We have to say that the majority of WeChat’s popularity from Tencent side in order to promote the cause of WeChat hype. Or by a bunch of hype up for their "God". In WeChat just soon many people provided the case, of course I would not say that these cases are purely speculation, there are so few.

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