A miss Dongguan miss how to reflect on nternet Marketing

February 9, 2014, Dongguan event, the National People’s heart of Dongguan, the 67 girls caught a lot of people have expressed sympathy, okay, Dongguan Xing after this difficult, difficult, Dongguan girls should also think about the relationship between Internet and oneself.

1, you can not look at CCTV, can not afford to micro-blog

why so many people only 67 people arrested? What caught the girls seem to understand that micro-blog is not their focus on current events, the other sister at the micro-blog home ah! To see everyone so keen to discuss the "focus" of the content in micro-blog, who will break the law? Do not look at CCTV is not your fault, but not on micro-blog is your fault.

, 2 people can pay the available WeChat

mobile phone.

no need, no deal, while demand is not to follow any media exposure and reduce the Dongguan girls to survive, in this eight mindhunters moment, unfamiliar street WeChat seems to be a good tool, WeChat taxi line, why not "massage"? Not only can be door-to-door service, also can pay pay by WeChat, we just grab the end of the Chinese New Year red envelopes don’t have to worry about no place to spend, people pay a one-stop mobile terminal is completed, you can also maintain customer relationship, from time to time to ask: Sir, how long did you and me


3, the hotel is too dangerous, or to rent it

light above it? No, in addition to the intelligence, soliciting and payment, and the location of priority among priorities, but the estimated hotel is not what place, short rental website so much, this can finally come in handy, the police should not be found to House residents? But the drawback short rent is seemingly not part of the housing function, never mind, would soon have this service, IT ear tentatively referred to this as "short rent" is not very user-friendly


is thought, there must be a lot of Internet related experience, what APP beauty, dress, automatic review system, WeChat public number and so on, the future of Dongguan is to rely on O2O and big data armed, some people say that Dongguan is a Tencent for WeChat event under a great game, talk, it is Ali of chess, Ali has always been only selling services do not sell goods right? Pro, remember to give praise Oh


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