How to do competitive analysis Here is a practical guide

do competing product analysis, these problems have you met


· see a lot of cases, the concept is still competing product analysis is very vague, what is the competitive product analysis, to analyze what


· Internet search competitive analysis, Baidu found the relevant results of about 1600000, how to choose what I need?

· each article has its own frame, but are not the same, then I frame in the end how to ride? The framework is know, how should I analysis? Analysis from what? What are the details of each


· read their own writing competing product analysis, I feel dissatisfied with the problem in the end where is it?

yes, I’ve had all these problems, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this, and how to do this.

I to build a competitive analysis framework that is divided into three parts: preparation, structure and batted.


first of all, what is the analysis of competing products? Why write? What can be the value of


understand these, in the analysis of competing products should always ask yourself these three questions.

of course, these three issues do not have to be in accordance with the order above to consider, but one can not be less!

first, competing product analysis is what


competitive analysis, open view, namely, analysis of competing products. So what is your competition? How to analyze?

I think that this problem can also evolve into how to choose competing products and analysis method is what?

1, how to choose competing products?

generally choose 1~2 high-quality goods can be, can be a direct competitor or potential competitors; but if you want to compare a function or interface, you can choose a few more. For example, to increase the number of public reading, then choose the same number of public sector, analysis of the characteristics of the article they read a high amount of public places to see what their own needs to be improved. In this case, you may want to choose 5~6 competing products.

I’m here to remind you that in the selection of competing products, we must combine the purpose of analysis to consider.

my method is as follows:

1) to meet the same needs (immediate competitor)

core functions of the same product. For example, our product is a high moral map, then Baidu maps, Sogou maps, Tencent map has become the object we want to analyze, their common point is to be able to navigate, check the bus to facilitate travel.

2) core users of the same product.

user group

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