The most concise and efficient way to promote the website

just accidentally saw a small way to promote the site. After I summarize, delete some of the official text content, in the form of notes to everyone to announce.

1 to understand the most concise and effective website promotion method

Institute to analyze what is the site of SEO technology, SEO tools and SEO tutorial to learn SEO optimization techniques

1 search engine promotion:

Google, Yahoo, MSN, Baidu, yisou, 3721, Sohu, NetEase, twenty-first Century, in


2 online advertising:

banner ads, pop-up ads, advertising exchange

3 connected to the exchange, text and image connection and the location of the home page swap

4 spam.

5 QQ mass information, the use of mass software release site information

6 signature advertising, published articles, forum immediately after signing your web site, or use hyperlinks to sign your site name and keyword

7 QQ advertising, advertising on the QQ or personal signature on their website information.

8 MSN ads, settings and website related personality signatures.

9 Forum irrigation, in the forum or message board to publish their own information

10 will be submitted to the professional directory website.

11 will visit the site to the industry site and professional directory.

12 article propaganda in the article referred to the website or in the form of the success of the network marketing network marketing planner Mr. Wang Tong in the article mentioned a variety of hao123 and cell phone home, so that the majority of network

people have a new understanding of these 2 sites. There are many articles published. For example:, Admin5, Chinaz, cnzz and so on ““

13 press conference. By opening a news conference, so that more journalists and media coverage of their own website! Beijing recruitment network in this respect, the leader!

14 signs advertising light boxes, in setting up the enterprise image and show their strength at the same time, the website also played a certain role in the network become an independent school in Zhengzhou province.

15 business card promotion.

why there will be a number of Web sites fell, a number of websites are coming up, a number of owners had to leave, a number of webmaster Pianpian? Believe that the webmaster friends know that technology in the construction site space is not enough, to grasp the website promotion methods. Recently set up a webmaster forum, I hope we can make progress through the exchange.

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