On the relationship between network hype and network marketing

network marketing strategy has changed the traditional marketing channel; make manufacturers and end consumers face possible, so the past marketing channel of the role of middlemen cut; pricing, network marketing, brand advertising strategy has effects can not be ignored, it takes multi angle, multi sector, multi means to carry out marketing and service. Improve the enterprise website brand, strengthen the brand radiation force and appeal; let the network users in the game process imperceptibly completed the product information and brand awareness.

network marketing does not contain any color hype. Is a simple network platform to reach consensus with customers. It is a convenient and fast way to meet the requirements of the customer marketing tools.

network is the common concern and speculation, through the network reference or make an event, hot spots and characters caused by Internet users, realize the enterprise brand, product and visibility of the network means, so as to enhance the corporate image, product sales etc..

network hype as a new means of Internet marketing. Has also been gradually known.

as early as 2005, a post on the skyline of the contempt of migrant workers and the ridicule of the poor when the initial appearance did not cause much concern. But the Chinese description and fraternity, noble life and soon a unheard of tolerance dialysis reply quickly aroused everyone’s interest. In this post describes Chinese secret noble: the value of tens of thousands of dollars a bottle of Lafite wine is their new year’s Eve dinner with wine, only a Chevrolet car, they went hunting in Africa, to Alaska salmon fishing, they despise Bill? Gates such upstarts, they respect the poor…… This netizen unheard of life quickly aroused the great attention of hundreds of thousands of Internet users.

if this is not the behavior of the network hype vendors led, then another example with a very clear traces of the vendor led, and achieved good results. 5.12, at the end of the world, a "ban Wang Laoji" posts attracted the attention of countless people. This post attracted millions of browsing and click, and tens of thousands of replies. Many netizens expressed respect for Wang Laoji, and said to be "sold," Wang Laoji bought.

Network communication

Red Bull "energy Tour" has attracted more than 10 million Internet users "participation", they not only "hot", but also directly involved in the activities, they released the journey on the forum, posted their photos and Internet users to share, they talked about in this event.

experience the "credibility" and replace them with "I am thinking" the way of "word of mouth"; in fact, the network hype has spread with "word of mouth", "network marketing" and "experiential marketing" three functions.


network and the network marketing hype spread not only need to master the concept of network communication, but based on the network technology, the search engine grab principle, media forms of original understanding and operation method, can make a certain barriers to competition. < >

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