5 17 Anhui General Assembly agenda and list of participants

            according to the Organizing Committee of the conference of the latest news: in the guidance by the Hefei Municipal Propaganda Office, Anhui Internet Industry Association and Anhui daily, jointly organized by the Anhui Chinese network (china35.com) exclusive contractor, Admin5 network owners throughout the network support China stationmaster station, and eight local well-known sites (Hefei hotline, Hefei, the Hefei real estate trading network group purchase group purchase, Anhui, Anhui recruitment network, 52PK game network, long marriage network, Xin’an Talent Network) Summit Forum on the second session of the Anhui conference and the Anhui Internet webmaster Industry Co, the current enrollment site has exceeded 300, the number of participants nearly 500 people, has exceeded expectations the effect of the current enrollment is still hot in.


agenda is as follows:

this conference related processes (Draft)




main content

Part 1: Sign / start


start sign in

collar tickets, distribute small gifts


conference officially started

host introduced to the guests and conference organizers, contractors, CO organizers and local media

leadership speech


leadership speech


5 minutes

conference organizers and representatives on behalf of


industry alliance and industry report released

15 minutes

introduction Anhui Internet industry alliance


20 minutes

2008 Anhui Internet industry development report


5 minutes

host interactive lottery draw out Memorial Award 10 co organizers on behalf of the distribution of prizes


keynote / Theme Forum – vertical web site

10 minutes

chinaz.com master hooligan

domestic famous website representative speech / Lecture

10 minutes

Admin5.com figure Wang

10 minutes

Ali mother

10 minutes

provincial guests keynote speech: theme undetermined



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