What is the right way to promote the site

a lot of companies or individuals always do not know what SEO is, they think, do not spend money to do SEO to promote the effectiveness of the auction faster. A site in order to achieve short-term goals, the choice of promotion is a good choice. However, from the long-term interests to consider, then the promotion may not be the right choice. So, what is the difference between SEO and SEO? For promotion in which? Here, I put the difference between the two ways out, hoping to solve all the doubts in their mind, also can choose a suitable way to promote their own site.

1, unforeseen costs

if you have ever done the bidding rankings, you must have had such an experience: last month, the first row of the ad on the right side of the bid is only 0.8 yuan, now has to raise to $4.5. This means that advertising will cost $1 per click, "says," and competition within the industry will allow you to quickly increase costs in a very short time. The site optimization does not exist this factor. And if you optimize your rankings after SEO upgrade, continue to maintain the high quality of the increase in the number of reverse connection and maintenance of content, your left will continue to maintain or improve the rankings.

2, malicious click

you may wonder why sometimes advertising on dozens of times, without any customers to inquire? Is not the customer cannot read your website, we understand, click for more than half of the advertising average was two and some do sell products of people consume. This is a bit like the current domestic poor exhibition, spent money to participate in the exhibition is like a colleague to meet, almost no effect at all.

3, coverage

SEO optimization is for the majority of professional search engine, your site is not only in Baidu rankings, while in other major search engines will enhance your website ranking. The choice of advertising to achieve this effect must be signed and the search engine advertising agreement, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of a huge.

4, budget control

published for advertising can set up daily advertising budget, the budget will not be displayed advertisement; this seems to help enterprises to reduce cost, but it is based on the sacrifice in the cooperation opportunity before the foundation of the. SEO optimization will not be limited by this rule, your site links are displayed on the moment.

5, long term effect

SEO optimization can help you improve the comprehensive index of the web page, if your link has been improved, unless the application of cheating in the late way and punished or stop later maintenance, otherwise the ranking is not easily decline. And if you stop advertising, website links can disappear.

in the analysis of the difference between the two, I believe that each reader has his own choice of heart. Talk about the maximum value of the site with the least cost