Shop manager should not only maintain the website

station for a long time. Several stations have been built. But the construction of cross stitch city so as to trade for the first time the forum.

built this forum, contact some cross stitch shop manager, through the chat, have some experience, talk about my site experience, if I were a cross stitch shop manager to promote shop, is a personal experience. Of course, it will not be very comprehensive, we discuss together.

a lot of cross stitch manager can only be regarded as a business person, it is not the webmaster.

I think so.

because many goods shop manager seems to put the full line. Or, go to some forums, some post bar, some QQ group propaganda on the line.

personally, I think it’s not enough.

today, said the link.

why do we link. In the final analysis is to increase the search engine weight.

if you do not know how much impact Baidu has on a site, then you go to Baidu know. In China, most people are accustomed to using search engines to find websites. As a keyword, then tens of thousands of websites. At present, in China, Baidu accounted for 40% of the proportion of it. GG accounted for 30%, Sohu and QQ search accounted for 15%, the other can call.

new website, web traffic hours can not see. For example, cross stitch, is also mainly in the QQ group and posted in the publicity. This is the beginning. When, after a period of time, with the increasing content, Baidu and other search engines continue to increase the amount of revenue, the site’s search engine weight continues to increase, the IP from Baidu will continue to increase. In the end, do not go to post bar or QQ group propaganda, one day will not hundreds of thousands of IP came to our cross stitch.

so, search engines are important.

so what is the link and search engine weight. I think the Dutch Shanren this article written in very good. Http:// everybody look, I’m not here to say.

do a simple link. We do not have to rely on Links can give us much direct IP, we are going through Links, continuously improve the PR value of the site, in the end, the number of sites, in the search engine, a keyword more and more forward.

in general, if you can cross the key words in the top four ranking on the page is pretty good. If the first row, ha ha, you try, you can show you how many IP Baidu skylight.

cross stitch, in the station in January, some key words, are gradually moving forward a few pages close, several more popular keywords, than