Talk about my site experience

      so I started:
      on the computer and personal contact early, cute clever and tricky makes home in 2001-2002, between a computer and my brother (I myself know. Excuse,) are used to study, has been used to play the game. To the popularity of broadband even when the number of D version of the disc has been catching up with the number of 4 digits. D version of the CD content is divided into 3 kinds, one is the game, most, is a film and a part of MP3 (no pornographic content, a small part of the remaining ` ` `) is a lot of software (now home store to find about 50 or so, the disk is printed in looks like in irony, paoti, back). Our country D CD-ROM has a great advantage, is the professional very professional realm such as the game I ` ` ` a flurry of KOF 2000 in May with a StarCraft video game ` a A singer will complete with BCDEFG singer’s new album. In the aspect of software is more prominent. And because the software is smaller than the first 2, then mixed the things here.
      because of the time, interest, and rich resources (in addition to a variety of disc, the magazine ` too much computer newspaper now home has several bundles, my little brother has been reluctant throw in the game) ` ` ` ` ` ` each play through, the movie rotten, I finally found there in a pile of software! Oriental web! This thing!!!
      and a study to help all finished, it was very interesting so I started my station road ““
            & nbsp;  
      the stage of the early works:      
      02 to 03 years, my brother opened a cafe (called the Pacific Internet, because we often go to the Pacific computer network at the time) several popular games, Internet cafes in the Pacific most fire is a game called the Millennium (a few years ago > robes

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