Daily topic qiyi PO video will rewrite the pattern or next year

A5 (www.admin.com) station network December 18th news sources, Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu has been rushed to the United States last week, with the investment bank on Iqiyi PPS listed to negotiate. In this regard, Iqiyi official confirmed that Gong Yu has been in the United States, but whether the listing did not know the issue. Previously, there has been news that Iqiyi in preparation for the listing, is seeking underwriters. Iqiyi has also repeatedly said in an interview, will follow a separate listing on the road.

however, this year, Iqiyi acquired PPS, and recently spent billions of dollars to buy a variety show copyright has to start guessing its IPO action is nearing the market. IResearch data show that in the second quarter of 2013, China’s online video market size of up to 2 billion 850 million, an increase of 43%, an increase of $30.6%. With the continuous integration of online video industry, the market share of mainstream video companies will be further improved, whether it will usher in a new IPO companies have become the focus of market attention.

and after two rounds of capital operation, the listed chips have also been enhanced: in November 2012, Baidu announced the acquisition of Providence, capital of the United States private company (Providence EquityPartners) Iqiyi shares held, and can rely on Baidu’s traffic. In May 7, 2013, Baidu announced a $370 million acquisition of PPS video services, and merge the PPS video business with Iqiyi, PPS will serve as Iqiyi’s sub brand operation. Iqiyi and PPS users and resources combination, has the opportunity to challenge the first place Youku potatoes.

Analysys analyst Pang Yiming in an interview with reporters in Nandu, backed by Baidu will be the biggest Iqiyi in the capital market highlights. "This makes it both in advertising, services and products, will be more than the excellent soil alone (Youku potatoes) have the advantage. At present, excellent soil market share is still on the Iqiyi, but the gap between the top 5 market is not large, no form a monopoly, the video market still has the possibility of changes."

"the video industry is a money losing industry, capital is crucial to the video industry, the success of IPO means expanding the sources of funds, it is very important for video business development. If Iqiyi or other video sites listed, will impact the existing integration pattern of the video industry, among which, Youku potatoes and Iqiyi contest the most delicate." Video site 56 Network CEO Zhou Juan said.

, of course, no one wants to see the company listed Iqiyi. The integration of Youku and Tudou has not been reached 1+1> the effect of 2, even after the merger, the management team away, to avoid homogenization of the reform and the layout of the mobile terminal late make potato accumulated advantage is a step by step loss, Sohu and Tencent are no IPO video video program, Iqiyi will change the listed bank >

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