Hobbies and diligence have made my dream come true

      often go to webmaster nets see the webmaster story! Some sigh, there are some good helpless!! in addition to the environmental impact on the US, the rest is our own effort!

      83 years I was born in rural Jiangsu, although the family was poor, but the net time or later. The first contact is the high school computer room, but at that time the school 486 is unable to access the computer just to see the letters on the keyboard does not know where to start typing speed. Only 1 minutes on 10 words, the time of their own is not particularly confident, always feel more than others. Oh! As the first contact with the Internet and the experience of a lot of people went to Internet cafes and classmates, laments about here, QQ is really a lot of us first teacher, my first words do on the Internet what is the application of QQ, the QQ I have been still used, but other things would not have done it. Playing games are not really! Is genius level rookie! Cabbage home


      when I was in college, I began to become muddled up. Opening the first year of college more honest, sometimes go to Internet cafes to do was QQ, search the city girl, and have a chat, silly and friends met once, but that was the first and only once, he never contacted the University for second years is a class! When the qualitative change of the year people play online game legend, I apply for a number of play to 10 do not want to play, then a new game miracle, we have several students playing together in the two district, crazy upgrade Daguai, after this fall a year, also soon graduated, I began to worry about it, it can not, should leave the network (and there are a lot of crap I will I remember running account) that year I graduated in 2004, is the last semester, the school has no what is the class. Leave the games I let myself go to work, I am the Nanjing Arts Institute learning specialist is computer graphic design, the name of the school said it is useful in the design of the Nanjing company or decoration company, although there is no graduation but find a design work is very easy, after all my professional level can still start from the practice. Take 600 a month (Nanjing to wage really low, but high consumption), but still dry hard, the first company I work is a decoration company, because a lot of things you don’t understand, I will learn, 2 months after feeling a little understood after the beginning of job hopping to a jump. A small company, here a year from the general designer to stem design director. Of course designers will total four! During the comparison of the idle, although I do not play the game but the computer in the dormitory and can surf the Internet, I began to bubble forum, which When should a forum people more and more. I have friends on the forum got an administrator to do, but popularity is not good, I also want to do a play after Shouyang, spent 400 yuan to buy the domain name and space do not understand at that time bought a full static space, static 3> to.100M

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