Watercress is expected to close to 80 million of revenue this year the average daily profit of PV1

August 17th morning news, watercress (douban.com) operation data disclosed today, the number of unique users monthly coverage (UV) has more than 100 million, average daily traffic (PV) about 160 million, compared with the same period last year nearly doubled. In addition, watercress is expected in 2012 revenue will reach 80 million, has been close to profitability.

currently registered users more than 62 million, and created 290 thousand interest groups and the 76 thousand station on the watercress. According to statistics, watercress for all groups and online activities label (tag), all kinds of life and cultural labels accounted for a considerable, and nearly 200 thousand users from the independent label, it also reflects the diversity of watercress community and to the center of the feature.

on this basis, watercress is the formation of brand advertising, interactive marketing and electricity supplier channel revenue sharing business model.

early this year, the new advertising on the watercress page (douban.com/partner), to provide customers with brand based on the interests of the atlas and UGC interactive marketing plan.

in the electricity supplier channel revenue sharing, watercress reading is said to bring more than 200 million yuan per year for the book market revenue. In May this year, watercress reading also launched paid works store. Since then, the film has also launched a watercress online seat selection function, on-line two months or so has access to more than a few cities in the country nearly 30 theaters.

last September, watercress announced the completion of $50 million third round of financing, investors were loved the letter capital, Sequoia Capital and Bertelsmann Asia Investment fund. Watercress CEO Yang Bo told Sina revealed that 2010 revenue amounted to tens of millions of watercress, is nearing profitability and there is no performance pressure, the main revenue from brand advertising.

compared with a year ago, in addition to changes in income, the total number of employees has grown from nearly 200 watercress nearly 3000 people.

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